Maybe you are thinking, “another retreat?”,


“yeah”, “another retreat!!”



Let me explain.

Charlotte Mason educators all over the world have numerous opportunities to meet in conferences and retreats. Some of those have been happening for many years. One of the Charlotte Mason Communities I belong too, it’s the Ambleside Online one. It has its own forum, Ambleside Online Forum, and the founders of that community had met in 1995 for the first time in Dallas (if I’m correct). This year they proposed to meet again, which they did in Indiana. The Administrators, Auxiliary, Moderators, and those who wanted and could be there, attended.

I could not make it this year. But Heather and I thought the Texan crew and anyone brave to drive 9 hours from their home state should meet. And we did. We keep a site for updates and further retreats.

This past spring, Heather vacationed in Colorado, where she met some of the forum ladies. With Dawn as a leader, we help her prepare a retreat we hope will offer an opportunity for those in this section of the United State.

From the website,

Colorado Springs, CO
February 18-20, 2016

Community  * Motivation * Education


Knowing the joy of a living education, an idea was born in the minds of several Charlotte Mason enthusiasts and friends living in the heart of our country.  As the number of families choosing a Charlotte Mason education has grown, the majority of conferences and retreats have continued to be on the outer edge of our nation, be it in the North, South, East or West, making travel difficult and expensive.  With the vision to build COMMUNITY through a retreat more accessible to those living in the middle of our country,  to provide MOTIVATION by coming along side parents seeking to use a Charlotte Mason education, and to inspire self-EDUCATION with diverse topics and speakers, the idea blossomed into the Charlotte Mason Educational Retreat.

It may be too early for you to think about another retreat, but comes February, and I know you will be ready to enjoy this winter opportunity to be among others with common goals. We want you to have time to save up for it, and prepare for it. If the weather is a concern for you, read the snow policy.

See you there!


8 thoughts on “Charlotte Mason Educational Retreat

  1. This looks amazing!!! I have no idea if I can pull this off. This is always opening weekend for baseball AND Lucy's birthday. But it looks fantastic and so pulled-together – you all have done a lot of work already!


  2. There is another state–which many people tend to forget about, but it's still in the Union–that would LOVE a retreat–Wisconsin! We'd love to spice things up with some Texas ladies!


  3. “With the vision to build COMMUNITY through a retreat…” < --This. When I attended the Texas retreat I felt as if I'd found something I'd been missing all these years. Meeting other CM educators in flesh and blood, sharing hearts and minds, discovering instant kindred spirits…it was such a gift! I'm so impressed by your organizational prowess, Silvia, and all of you organizing this new retreat. 🙂 It's such a blessing to the rest of us when people like you see a vision and pursue it.


  4. Thanks Jeanne and Amy. Oh, how I wish you could be there, my friends.

    Harmony, thanks for your compliments. The organizing part goes to Dawn. I was just her helper for the website. Ever since she met Heather last spring, she was driven and inspired to have something happen in Colorado where she lives along with two other forum friends, Sarah L., and Misty. There is a lovely CM community in Colorado, and a CM school, and now with this retreat, one more opportunity to keep nourishing all those families who ascribe to this beautiful way of teaching and living.


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