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Life is Good

Writing is therapeutic. I agree with her, who says she also thinks so.

Life these days is intense; difficult; yet beautiful.

The books in the first picture are part of the last loot when I went with lovely Kelly to our local used books store.

We have started a new term, and we are still working on the heart, obedience, habits… it’s intense; difficult; yet beautiful.


How do I do it?

With my out of this planet husband. He greeted us yesterday, and right after he declared, “before doing the shopping, I’m going to clean the fridge”. Yes. He is that great. We do grocery shopping as a family every Friday. (Other habits at home are disastrous, but there are good ones to hold on in life and to keep us going).

With friends who are there to listen, to spend an hour with me to go through school plans and life situations, who gently help me make introspection, who pray for us. With friends who send cards like that beautiful world map card you see in the second picture. Thanks Amy, for the words of appreciation and the encouragement. Amy is one of the moms who came to the retreat last July. She is very special. I cannot wait to see her again. She is so vivacious and sweet, her energy is contagious.


With friends that want to know His Word better, and who recommend a book like this you see, How to Study the Bible for Yourself. I can already see this book is different. Simple and to the point. Set up 15 minutes for reading, 15 minutes for study, everyday. Keep a simple journal with 5 points he gives you to look for in each passage you read. COMMIT. Set apart a fixed time and place. That’s key. Habit. And reading paired with writing as a response. I am very resistant to habit, since I thrive on spontaneity and new situation challenges. There are some habits I have, because other people support me on them. One is that shopping every Friday. Another is running with my wonderful neighbor Ellen three times a week. She said something I already read in this book, “do it when you feel like it, and do it when you don’t” (running, or reading Bible, or whatever it is you are trying to routinely do).

This book may look like a manual, or a “self help” book, –because, like her, self help books are not for me anymore.

With tea, -hot or iced-, poured into pretty cups.

With Him.

Jeremiah 10:23, I know, O LORD, that a man’s way is not in himself, Nor is it in a man who walks to direct his steps.


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