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Summer Reading Progress

I finished reading:

La perversión del lenguaje.

I find this book unique. I intend to buy more titles by Amando de Miguel. His style is entertaining, his observations about culture and language spot on, his love for language contagious, his humor clever. A delight of a book.

The Gift of an Ordinary Day

Dear Amy recommended this book and I decided to give it a try. This title and the look of the book is an unlikely read for me. I don’t like devotional type books, nor self help. I don’t find modern books on parenting and life in general worth reading, yet I loved this book. It was the light read my brain needed, but not watered down. Kenison’s writing style is clean and polished. She doesn’t abuse cliches, nor is she repetitive or formulaic. Reading the book was like listening to a friend, and reading her diary. Many sentiments resonated in me. It brought tears of joy and emotion. Her constant plea to see the beauty in every day, the poetry of life, to keep perspective; her love for her family, for her two boys, for her parents and husband, are inspiring.

Working on,

Still dear Chesterton, but we are in a break. We will finish the last 3 or 4 chapters we have to complete The Everlasting Man.

Moby Dick. At 40% I don’t want to abandon Moby Dick. Melvilled conquered my heart with his first chapters. I felt an intense rush of emotion reading some of Moby Dick pages. I ached with the beauty of his writing. Then I came to a part that sank me in waiting and discouragement. I am going to continue. I know that something great is coming. Long books have taught me a lesson this year, they need a special mood, commitment and much reading muscle. It’s a good idea to read long books in company. I know of two sisters who are reading War and Peace together. Long books are like marathons, intense but rewarding.

The Bookman’s Tale. I have read only 60 pages and I can devour this book in one lazy afternoon. But I have not had any of those lately, so it’s patiently waiting for me on my nightstand.

Trafalgar, by Galdós. Another title that I have read the first pages and I am eager to have time to read. I am choosing Galdós titles that have been translated, because I have a plan in the making. I want my friend Heather to read all those same titles. There are many shorter than Fortunata and Jacinta novels by Galdós that every fan loves and recommends. Trafalgar will help us both, Heather, with our education. Galdós is not only the Spanish Dickens, Tolstoi, and Balzac, but he is also our Walter Scott. He wrote lots of historical fiction. Trafalgar is the story of the Battle of Trafalgar, the first book in the so called Episodios Nacionales, (National Episodes), told by a 14 year old boy who will be in it, Gabriel de Araceli. This is just the historic period my oldest daughter will be learning about in her fifth grade year. At Project Gutemberg there are some of his books, most in Spanish but a few in English.

And with the girls and my dear husband, we are half way enjoying this wonderful title, I highly recommend it.


And this was my intermission while I finish preparing my presentation on History according to Charlotte Mason for next week retreat. It talks about life in a Coloradoan Ranch, and about character, horses. I think about my friend Sherry and her love for horses. The first picture shows a beautiful card she sent me. I am glad for friends.


2 thoughts on “Summer Reading Progress”

  1. So glad you liked the Kenison's book…Mitten Strings for God is actually similar to this one, but chronicles when her boys were little. It is beautiful as well! You might enjoy it also since your girls aren't THAT old. I haven't tried her newest book as I think it veers more into some of her beliefs versus more of the memoir beauty in these two books.

    I just finished Sixpence House (book about books and England!) – really enjoyed it! I also read Far From the Madding Crowd – really enjoyed it and Mama's Bank Account was sweet! I'm almost finished with A Jane Austen Education and I'm really liking it. We are coming off a week of travel and vacation, so it was a perfect time to get some reading in!

    Btw, I'm off facebook. Just needed a change. I miss interacting with YOU and a few other family and friends, but other than that it's been SO good for me. It is such a useful tool, yet it gets out of balance for me. 🙂

    Bless your day!


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