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More on Planning

Inspired by A Sabbath Mood Homeschool, I have done this tentative schedule to pair it up with the weekly readings. This goes by time and subjects. The other schedules we have list the AO readings 

Unlike her, I have not used this type of schedule for years. Up to last year, I only have had the readings split by chapters, taken from the AO site. I knew what had to happen daily (preferently :)), and weekly, and we worked accordingly.

I need to have something like this or I will get lost and forget about some of the things we wish to cover.

Thanks to Jeanne who made this playlist I added to my youtube. As I enjoyed the songs for next school year, I was finding the lyrics. I copied them and printed them. This year I am ready to have things handy and succeed. I am also considering buying 3 CD, one per composer. I know we will be much more prone to listen to the composers if we have CD we can take to the car and play downstairs.

And, should you be interested in Spanish Folk Songs, I have the playlist for that too.


6 thoughts on “More on Planning”

  1. Oh, Sarah. If only it did all happen as nicely, tee hee. Life is good no matter how much of all that is accomplished or not. The mere exercise of planning it and attempting it is a step toward the main goal. They always grow and learn, even if not the way I think initially. 🙂


  2. Looks like a do-able sort of schedule. I've never broken the day down into time periods but it seems to be something that works well for others.


  3. I find I really enjoy having my schedule to go by, but I don't always follow it to a tee. But I think they are great to keep our brains organised. 🙂


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