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Mint Tea and Art Prints

I have lemon mint and never had done any mint tea! Inspired by Linda, I made it today, and instead of mint tea ice cubes, I went for iced chips.

I used this microwave round tray on the flat side to add the tea and make ice chips.

What else?

I have been working at making some nice surprises for the upcoming retreat, but they are surprises so I cannot show or talk about them. (Hard…. hee)

I also prepared the art prints for the first term of Art Study as offered by Ambleside Online, the artist is Jean Baptist Camille Corot, and we are suggested 7 different prints. I formatted them to 8.5×11 (standard American paper size), and send them to Fedex Online Printing Services. 







Dowload the prints. At the Fedex page, click on the START ONLINE ORDER, choose upload from computer. Once I uploaded mine it says, “this file contains non standard printing options, and it tells you to convert. Click convert. Then you will click on CONTINUE PRINTING OPTIONS, and you will see a screen like this.

On the left, color is chosen, General Use Papers I left it as it was, CARD AND COVER STOCKS, I selected the 110lb paper (card stock). It came to $1.24 each print, plus some taxes, I paid $9.40 for 7 prints.

For composer study, this year AO suggests these three composers,

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897; Romantic)
Franz Schubert (1797-1828; late Classical/early Romantic)
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525-1594)

We get to listen to the composers suggested, and some other music, but we are never successful listening to the suggested pieces and remembering their titles, or how they sound. I know it is because we depend on the computer and our youtube list of the music. This year I plan to buy CD’s since we like listening in the car and downstairs without depending on a computer. If you go to the AO page you can follow their links to lists or purchases of the music.


I have finished Rilke’s letters. How does epistolary (epistolaria in Spanish) sound to you? It is one of my favorite genres. Rilke’s letters are bitter sweet. He wrote to many different people, young and old, male and female, and from different places he lived at during the war. It was enduring for Rilke. He stopped writing poetry, he felt lost, as many at the time did. His letters are intimate, poetic, philosophical. Through them I joined him in reflecting about art, life, the past, others.

I am working on:

Moby Dick

The Gift of an Ordinary Day

and these:

La perversión del lenguaje. Re-read. Books on language are another of my favorite genres to read. I bought this one in the 80’s, and I am enjoying it today as much as the first time I read it. Inquiring on the author, Amando de Miguel, I found out his first published book was an anthology of Pérez Galdós (my favorite author since I read him again last year while I was in Spain). Not only, Amando de Miguel has been a guest teacher at the San Antonio University, TX. His writing is well cured, it shows how much she loves the Spanish language, and writing too.

The Aims of Education, recommended by Karen Glass. I have made not much progress because I am working on the retreat, but it is a captivating small jewel (compilation of essays, with the first one giving the book its title).

Crow Lake I will start as soon as I finish The Gift of an Ordinary Day. This was another Karen Glass’ recommendation. (I came back to the post to make a change. It’s possible I pick another Galdós novel, Trafalgar, or Tristana.)

and The Pat Conroy Cookbook. Pat Conroy is intense, funny, and his book is full of stories and great food recipes and tips.

At the pool, earlier this week, I saw my first female tanager. Beautiful. At the home front things are…. hmmm…. intense but good, or good but intense. I survived removing a splinter from my youngest pinkie two weeks ago. It was a hard week, but in the midst of the disciplining, the needed groundings, the stress of some days, there is, thanks to God, lots of love, smiles, happy moments, and growth. They tried their feet a bit on the new school year lessons, and they go well, but we are not ready to jump fully into lesson days, summer still calls us to the many joys we have at this season, and I am learning to submit to that ebb and flow.


7 thoughts on “Mint Tea and Art Prints”

  1. 🙂
    I will save some of those chips for you, in a glass of water, just one makes it have a lemony nice flavor.
    I love ice tea. I drink it by the gallon.


  2. I am always inspired when I read your blog posts; especially inspired to read more! I have a stack of books I picked up at the library sale in June and it feels like they keep looking at me, wondering when I'll seriously peruse their pages.

    And enjoy that mint tea. I cannot imagine summer without it!


  3. I love library sales… Please read, because I also happen to enjoy your book reviews a lot. (I am still praying for little Elliot and his mamma)


  4. The conference that starts today in Indiana, it's the AO one and I cannot be at that one.

    You went to LER? (Aw, I am so glad for you. I adore those ladies, Nancy, Jeanne, Richelle, Anne White… but I have never met them in person YET)

    Our Retreat is in a week from now and!

    Amy. One day we must meet, girl.

    Love you (almost finished with The gift …, and it has been very inspiring)


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