My thoughts


I consider myself a truly blessed woman, mom, wife, friend (even though many times I forget about it in the middle of my wonderful life).

And when the day starts with some disappointment, He turns those into blessings. Just like that, He sends the verse, the email, the friend, the sermon, the lesson, the reads, the gesture and words, the perfectly beautiful expression of love and truth, -not those I needed, but those beyond my expectations.

Do you see that lovely painting, unexpectedly by Mary Cassatt. When the girls read Cassatt, they instantly remembered the other paintings by her we have looked at and narrated. Even prettier than this painting, it’s to think she may have loved lilacs as much as my dear friend Linda.

Inspired by Linda and by my recent gift of a Juniper bonsai tree, I asked a few friends for flowers and last weekend we received many lilies and a couple other plants my oldest has in her garden. My oldest daughter and her daughter are having a garden party at my home tomorrow. My daughter even thought she’d like to give a speech that has turned out to be a poem about flowers both Dorothy and her will be declaiming, plus a little bit of the story of her garden.

What blessed is having Heather for a reading partner?, and Karen’s talk on books?

She tells a story here, and I’ll tell one too. Read her funny story and then you’ll understand my comment. When she mentioned a christian book coming from a London bookstore named XXX Books, I thought, “what a tacky name, extra large?”, but I suspect the three x’s don’t stand up for that. That reminds me of my sweet mother in law and I -a very new immigrant at the time-, three score years ago -OK, 15 years ago-, we were at Target finding a present for her granddaughter in her early twenties. We went by the cute t-shirts and I saw this blue one with three cute white bunny rabbits, that said that eenie minee thing, and we also saw a Reese’s chocolate lovely one (she and all of us love Reese’s chocolate), and bought them. We felt so accomplished.

I’m glad we were just family when she opened them.

The third bunny was pointing to his heinie, sigh, and the chocolate t-shirt had the two cups aligned with mother nature’s two cups, and it said, “Reese’s chocolate on top, and ‘two cups full of love’ under the picture of the chocolates”. Double sigh.

Ever since I think I’ve gotten better at reading English, and surely at making connections. More in the next post, we are leaving the library now!


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