Shakespeare IS for everyone.


His plays, specially this one, are short (and intense).

You don’t have to understand it ALL, but chances are you will be shocked, challenged, amused, puzzled, intrigued, called to reflection, by that which you read and understand.

I chose to read it with a group of other moms, and that’s best, because they are real people, and there is not a right or a wrong, but our own thoughts and reactions reading the Bard.

I like Folger’s Edition (inexpensive) because the left hand side has notes. You may want to read the text on the right first, without interruptions, or read the notes before, or after… it’s nice having those notes to your disposition.

Macbeth says this about life, after his wife has died,

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

I disagree. This is life to HIM who has no God, who chose evil. This passage is beautiful and poetic, it sums up Macbeth’s way of viewing life and living life. When we choose sin, we fall into a spiral that has ramifications and devastating consequences for us and those around us too.

This morning, as I woke up to clean yet more poop and pee from both dogs who are getting old (one of them), and horrible (they are peeing constantly, and pooping too, and they are surely trying my nerves in the process), and as I woke up to the whines of someone in my family, I snapped… I was looking for comforting words and appreciation the wrong way and in the process, the rest of my family picked up on my mood. The good news is that it takes little for all of us to apologize to each other and change our attitude. They three left to watch some sort of action movie everybody is crazy about, and I am enjoying a reading time to myself.

Next title, Past Scents.

I don’t seem to finish this book, and read I do. I like to have a non fiction title like this that it’s quite amusing. Through scents and smell, the author takes us on a trip through history, uncovering biases, racial arguments, false beliefs, breakthroughs, and what not… the names and historical events that are mentioned surprise me, Henry VIII, Cleopatra, Arden, Chanel, a Maime, a Jewish prostitute who left us her life memories in her journals… It’s one of my favorite books of 2015.

Next picture is of two pages of Folger’s Macbeth.

And the last title for today is Flatland. (Thanks Kathy) This is a short book but full of interesting concepts and humor. Interesting to note that Abbott published it under a pseudonym, since he was a reputed literature and theology scholar, specialized in Shakespeare, and did not want this short extravaganza to tarnish his credibility in his expertise field.

I’ll let you know my thoughts as soon as I finish reading it.

And I’m still working on Moby Dick and some other ongoing titles with the girls and by myyself. Back to Classics is a nice challenge, with only 10 books to read, but I don’t know if I’ll meet it or not… and at this point I’m fine, all I want it’s to keep that list as a good reference.

What have you been reading?

6 thoughts on “Saturday Reads

  1. Well, I missed reading Shakespeare with the AO ladies! And I was planning to join initially…hoping that maybe reading with you lovely ladies would help me gain more appreciation for Shakespeare. 🙂 Oh well. I'm sure they will tackle another Shakespeare play at some point.

    I love the Kindle holder thing! (I don't really know what it's called. LOL) I didn't realize there were little holders like that, that you can buy for your Kindle.


  2. I'm sure there will be more Shakespeares… this was short and not that hard to read, but it was much easier and insightful with the ladies, as you can guess, he he he.

    It's a mix of two cases or holders, a red plastic one whose flap's hinges broke so I took it off, and a fabric one my talented at sewing neighbor made for me… I bet there are tons for good price at Amazon or Etsy. (If you know a bit of sewing, that's a project too)


  3. Good reads, Silvia. 🙂
    I am reading Tale of Two Cities, Canterbury Tales, The Problem of Pain, Volume 2 of the CM Series, and for poetry, Emily Dickinson.
    That is not to say that I am reading every day, as outdoor chores are always calling my name. lol. But I do try to read several times a week.
    Oh, and I do love of my fave Shakespeare play. 🙂
    Have a lovely day., my friend.


  4. Great reads… I can only imagine. We in the suburbs idealize country living, but I know, my friend, it's hard.
    Your reads sound great, even though I'm only familiar with Emily Dickinson. I think we have all grown as readers these past years along with our children.


  5. Carol, the criminal thought has crossed my mind… sigh… but I figure one measures his moral value by how she treats dogs (specially the one who is 15 and the instigator and culprit most of the times) when they are not cute anymore.


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