April Blogging Challenge 2015, Chinese

April 30th. Memories

April is gone, and with it, the writing everyday but Sunday challenge. I did not write every day, but I wrote most days, and I’m pleased.

Last Friday was my youngest turn to host the book club at our home. It was the fifth time these children meet, and she chose Little Pear. She prepared for it for a whole month. I wasn’t there when they ate and talked. Another mom (my friend Amy), who stayed, and I, were happily discussing birds and books. Amy’s mom is a bird lover, and Amy knows quite a lot and was giving me advice and sharing birds seen in her neighborhood and mine. A friend of her who lives close to me has seen a white cockatoo in my neighborhood, if I remember what Amy said. That or a parrot. In Madrid I remember we saw the colorful ones in the city.

Back to my little girl, she had typed and printed questions and comments, and she wanted to guide the discussion while they munched on noodles and dumplings, and drank jasmine tea and root beer (just because they are in Texas and they can, ha!)

The girls went to pick some crimson clover, but it is there no more, so they found Indian blankets and a purple/blue flower that resembles lavender. I venture it’s toad-flax Texan, but I’m not sure.

Our friends came back to pick their children, but Heather’s family stayed and we had dinner together. In the evening, we saw this called gigantic leopard moth on the other side of my kitchen/patio glass door. I remember seeing another like it in my garage two years ago.

And lately, rare is the day I approach our subdivision and I don’t see one or two flycatcher birds in the sky, by the phone cables. 
I’m back at thinking all ‘this’ is much of attitude and perspective (as if I had never heard of it, right?) I should have learned the lesson, but I am still learning it. I’m glad for many things, one of them that I surely never loose hope, and I look ahead. It’s the last stretch (4,5 weeks, and we will have a summer break in a summer full of delights). As my oldest wrote in a newspaper she is working on of her own accord, “there is only one summer of 2015, enjoy it!” 🙂 

5 thoughts on “April 30th. Memories”

  1. I've not heard of the Little Pear series. I'll have to look that one up. 🙂

    My mom loves birds too. She has a sunroom off the back of their house that overlooks their beautiful back yard. She has several bird feeders in her back yard; and she keeps a bird book in her sunroom that is full of all kinds of information about various birds. My youngest has learned a lot about birds from sitting out in my mom's sunroom with her, observing birds and looking them up in the bird book. 🙂

    Happy first day of May!


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