April Blogging Challenge 2015

April 23, Just a Thought


My girl’s hands are not this adorably chubby anymore… I was reminiscing with my dear friend Jeanne, about the time when we met through the internet, through our blogs and yahoo groups for Ambleside Online. Those were the times. There was a freshness in our posts, the newness of meeting kindred souls, the passion and excitement of the discovery. We both don’t find we have much to say anymore. She says she does not know what else to write about. I am still writing, but I feel I’m on groundhog day, tee hee, always writing about my comings and goings with the schedules, our atmosphere at home and how I am working at being a better teacher, mom, and person.

And then YOU leave me a comment here or on FB, or at the forum, or by email, and make all this writing feel so worthy. Thanks for that.

When I have some more time, and once I sort out my thoughts, I will write about the principle of “children are born persons”. My friend Brandy wrote about it with knowledge and heart in her last post, she expanded in its basic meaning and its implications for the curriculum. I will contribute what it implies in the way we teach and deliver that feast and I will also talk some about other places where I have found the same debate of defending that universal curriculum, and the detractors who want to make us believe there is nothing universally and objectively value, who argue that it’s all a WASP or DWM, or… you’ll see, just give me some time.


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