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April 4th

This is going to be quick. I have a full day ahead in which I want to,

cook a nice breakfast,
retouch the columns I repainted 3 weeks ago,
repaint my bathroom,
help girls purge and clean hallway shelf with buckets of toys,
maybe clean youngest room with her,
make a trip with them to the store (maybe I delegate this to my husband), to buy stickers to decorate their schedule notebooks, and upcoming birthday presents,

and I plan to read and take a walk with my family as well.

I will be drinking lots of iced tea I plan to make.

I will eat bacon. Life is surely brighter with bacon.

We have to go to bed at a good time. Tomorrow we have to leave earlier than usual to church. This month we are in charge of preparing the Lord’s Supper for the month of April.

Yesterday my oldest and I stayed up til late. It was amazing. She was on fire about her schedule. We have a nice looking designated composition book she plans to decorate, and she was typing the schedule you see with me. She told me she does not like, but loves her studies, and she was pretty excited about the new titles.

Before I move on, let me explain the schedule a bit. (And another one for my future year 3 girl is coming too).

Harmony was the one who inspired me to this format. Thanks, Harmony. In her schedule you read Daily and Weekly Independent, and Together, and in the Reading section, she differentiates what will be read with mom, the rest is by her son alone. I have not done that. My year 4 girl is transitioning to independent reading, and we don’t know yet what will be read alone apart from that we know will always be done by me (Plutarch and Shakespeare, possibly poetry).

Instead of printing the 36 weeks as I have done before, I may opt to do it weekly, or a few weeks in advance, in case we have to tweak it more.

To fill in what comes every week, I go to the INVALUABLE Ambleside Online yearly schedules page. I’m linking to year 5 so that you can see. In the notes they explain when there is more than 1 choice of book, and they have notes, etc. On the left of the website, you have the Composers, Artist, Folk Song, etc, rotation.

For Bible we follow our congregation daily readings.

For Math we do MEP.

If this schedule feels too loaded, bear in mind we started Ambleside Online 6 years ago, and it has been a progression. Up to now we have been more flexible, but as the second form (years 4 to 6), has many components. and readings that need to be done in part daily or they become quite difficult to tackle, and they are now 2 girls doing lessons (with a lot of jumping to and fro from one to the other, from independent to reading with mom or by mom), they need to know what it’s at stake to do a better job at dividing their lessons weekly and daily.

My daughter has also done another printable page for her schedules, with her chores.

If you have any questions or want more explanations, let me know in the comments. Thanks, and have a great weekend.

I will show the final planners once they are decorated and all.

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