April Blogging Challenge 2015

April 3rd

The picture is from years ago, but it never hurts to use it, This is a Mediterranean gecko. Today I saw an anole lizard at my friend Heather.

This is another random post. I’m a random person, Not disorganized. Highly effective. Yet random. My brain has lots of thoughts per minute speed, and my talk tries to catch up with it. That’s why I mess up lots. But I try to compensate forgiving others quickly, to compensate for all the forgiving I receive, 🙂

Incredible. Today, reading Red Snow (from Parables from Nature), my oldest, 10, asked if she could listen to it. She said at her time of reading that book she did not like it, and now she finds it very interesting. Thanks Ambleside Online. Where was I? Oh… my daughter said, “mom, I think this book is going to teach us to be careful with what we say”, gulp. 44 years and I’m still having to work hard at that!

Schedules. I love when we interiorize our schedule, when we form habits and when many of our school things happen as desired or spontaneous pursues. But a voice tells me to work a bit more at a schedule. Time is ripe. My oldest wants to be involved in her new booklet for year 5 of Ambleside Online. Up to now I had printed from the site, and written a bit of the weekly things, and I was looking at the week and deciding on what to do each day, sometimes the girls will look and propose, and they both know daily and weekly things. While year 4 is not that much more difficult than year 3, the readings are denser and lengthier and cannot be accumulated or they stop being enjoyed and start becoming tedious and too much. So, schedules, here I come, or here we come. We bought pretty inexpensive composition books, and we’ll get at the pages we will print and glue, and they will have fun decorating and making the notebooks and schedules theirs.

I’m also thinking aloud here, and reconsidering how next year will be… even when both my girls are reading more and more on their own, my oldest has lots of heart and not that much muscle or stamina for “quantity”. CM is a feast, but they can get indigestion if you push too much. And I’m type A, pushing is my nature, and my oldest daughter seems to be like my husband, who only yesterday told me he conceals it very well, but he is an ADD type of person.

Not a boring moment in marriage, huh! My smart phone had a wacky message at the bottom, result of me trying to press the protector film or sticker in place… he asked me for the phone and when he gave it back to me he said, “wow, one can tell the personality of someone by looking at their phone”, “your phone has lots of apps and icons on the front page”. I took it as he was calling me disorganized or something… I said, “they are the apps you left when you cleaned it for me”, and, “why?, is your phone all organized”, “no, ha ha ha”, he replied, “who told you my mind is not cluttered”, “I just conceal it very well”. Soooo, it happens that my highly organized, detailed, overachiever, hard-worker, lovely husband, tells me he is ADD, and that all those qualities he has developed to compensate and cope. And I become all of the sudden much more understanding of our oldest daughter, who takes after him. She is very organized for her room, her writing supplies, our fridge (her mission, ha ha ha), -she does not let anyone mess that new fridge up-, yet for those other more difficult to her mind activities, she looses track easily.

What else?… oh, Monday was the last day I washed my hair. But today, while I took a shower, I wet it and applied and rinsed conditioner. It looks good. My curl was more defined, less electrocuted look. I have told Heather if she detects my hair or persona starts to smell, to please warn me. But, what am I saying, I have two small gendarmes at home, who point to me all those inconsequential flaws in my appearance and behavior, at least the ones I can change.

Another thought. In the forum, my lovely friend Michelle asked about resources for Richard II, the Shakespeare’s play. I have not given her resources, but piggy back ridden in her thread to talk about the best Shakespeare’s play ever, (the one we are reading, of course! ha ha ha). I am really excited, because it happens I instantly detected the poetry in this play. One will have to be a wood log not to feel it, 🙂 It cut through my heart (with a few verses that I understood). There is hope for the non Shakespeare reader. Maybe I know a few tricks. Read a short and good retelling,

We do love Marchette Chute’s Stories from Shakespeare. Then write a list of the characters. Start reading and (I do this), for each scene, until you get a clear idea of where you are and who is who, I kind of repeat who is talking and on what side he/she is. Don’t kill it either, -I don’t get into long explanations or anything like that, I just express my natural excitement, and share my aha moments. My girls don’t get as much as I do, and yet they are capturing more than I somethings know. (Today my oldest made a connection with a recent history reading, and I never thought she had gotten that understanding, while talking of something else… this happens more and more as they grow and get more exposure to the living books).

Did I hear this suffices for day 3?

See you tomorrow.


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