April Blogging Challenge 2015

April 2nd

I have been blogging for years.

All of the sudden I feel I have been preaching for years. Sigh.

Where am I going with all this? (I don’t have an answer to that).

I have been homeschooling, or thinking about it, or having an opinion about it, for 12 years, even though only 5 of them have been really involved in teaching my daughters.

Where am I in this homeschooling journey? (I don’t know either)

Some days I write here or on FB, to fight the monotony of dishes that need to be washed, -constantly-, meals to be prepared, laundry to be done. Then there is the lessons. I enjoy teaching the girls immensely, which is not the same as to say this is not intensive, demanding, frustrating and yet  magical, beautiful, intimate.

I give lots of advice, yet I wish I knew what to do next. Most days the answer to that question is just getting up.

I’m forever thankful I have a neighbor and friend who run/walks/talks with me 4 days a week. I have also blessed with my family at church, whom I see every Wednesday and Sunday, and more. I have friends in real life who are so generous, so loving, so giving, and I have friends in real life online, because online is real too, with whom I share the little and the large.

So there you have it. A rich life, with parenting challenges, wife and housewife obligations, with ups and downs, but always with Him as my Lord and Creator, Prince of princes, Alpha and Omega, Savior and Redeemer… always with Him at the head of my life (even in the deepest and darkest moments, or when my priorities are all messed up and I let life to swerve me.)

And then I read. I read to breath and live. His Word, and books. Not only. I also walk, and pray, and talk, and think. And it happens that, through the girls’ books and life I meet interesting people, sometimes a kindred spirit person.

We were reading Abigail Adams today when it is noticed that, at different times in her life, she felt lonely. Specially in her stay in France, she felt lonely in the midst of people. Misunderstood and probably neglected by the love of her life, John. She wrote that it was strange how one’s body can be in a place (France it was for her), and her soul in another (Braintree). For all we are reading about her, it’s clear she also read to live, and wrote, and felt all that we women feel. She was a mother, a wife to a young lawyer, the wife of a Statesman, She had many ups and downs but her character remained strong and gentle. Had she had a blog, maybe she would have found herself writing every day of April with her friends and blog pals. Who knows? 


11 thoughts on “April 2nd”

  1. Silvia, I feel like we are kindred spirits! I could have written much of what you just shared. I ask myself the same and similar questions. As Blossom says…. keep asking. And keep on walking with Jesus.

    I wish you a blessed Easter!


  2. I consider Abigail Adams a kindred spirit. I too, get lonely sometimes even though I am, as you described her, “in the midst of people”. How can I be lonely when I am surrounded by my 5 younger children 24/7?? And then I long for time to actually be alone! Strange, right? But, as my dh says, “You are an enigma.” How true! 🙂
    Thanks so much for your honesty, dear friend.


  3. Same to you, Linda. I so enjoy having gotten closer to you through your blog and our shared comments lately. I value them. You bring a smile to my face when I visit your lovely blog and read your words, or delight in your knitting projects.


  4. Amy, you are the same to me than what you say I am to you. I am so sad you were relatively close by and I could not ask my dh to go to see you… but one day, my friend, we should see our faces and smiles, and meet our corresponding crazy kids, ha ha ha. I always think of my lovely and young AO mom too, Annette, she is at the forum and she is a Clarkson's fan. She was there too and I missed having asked her to look for you! You'd love her. She is mom of 4, such a young and wise mom.


  5. What strange? lol. You make perfect sense to me, Lisa. I like that, “you are an enigma”… lol. I think that of my husband… and to hear from him say he is “ADD” (huh?), a man so organized, so detailed that drives me nuts, ha ha ha. It happens that this is his coping mechanism he has perfected, and he is master at concealment… you know how I found out? wait… that may make my 3rd April post… ha ha ha


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