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Let not a day pass without ideas

Let not a day pass without ideas. That’s sorta Charlotte Mason’s gal’s motto. It means that, whatever we do, our children, ourselves, we want to, at least, have been in touch with new ideas, old ideas, with other’s ideas, our ideas, Ideas…

And ideas we have, and write down, and talk about, and it all happens too fast at times, (even when we don’t do all my fast racing mind wishes to accomplish in a week’s time, or a day’s time), and many days I forget to ponder. 

Thankfully, our parable from Parables from Nature this week -Motes in the Sunbeam-, corrected that tendency to fly over ideas, or cramming them.


Nevertheless, mothers are still more apt to do it than anybody else. Indeed, they are constantly pondering in their minds the things that their children say, or the things that people say of them. Sometimes they may ponder foolishly, but I hope not often, especially if they ponder in their hearts, and not in their heads only.


It was like love, as she had said,-yes; but it was like cheerfulness-like good-temper-like the Gospel charity: for do not the commonest things of life, and the dullest duties of life, shine, star-like, under their rays? Yes; but it was most of all like “the peace of God, which passeth all understanding;” for that lightens up the dark career of earthly existence, and leads the soul upward along the right path of its rays, till it reaches the everlasting home of light itself.


“Or tu chi se’, che vuoi sedere a scranna,
Per giudicar da lungi mille miglia
Con la veduta corta d’una spanna?”


“And who art thou, that on the stool wouldst sit
To judge at distance of a thousand miles,
With the short-sighted vision of a span?”
CARY’S Translation

A book review:
Thanks, Karen, for recommending The Uncommon Reader. It’s the perfect size of a little treasure. Utterly (don’t you love that word? specially if said with British accent?) delicious. It’s a book that any reader will love. If you are a Charlotte Mason gal, you will get a kick out of the part when the Queen starts writing quotes and then thoughts from her readings in a notebook, and how the story defines what reading is and means, and how subversive and challenging reading can become.
A forgotten resource:
Apart from Lamb’s masterful retellings of Shakespeare, I almost forgot I have Marchette Chute’s Stories from Shakespeare, and it includes other plays that are not in Lamb’s, such as the one we are reading this term, Richard II.

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