Exams, part II

Oh, I loved doing exams with the girls. I video tapped them with my phone, and they took over the phone, uploaded the videos, and they are now editing them with intros, transitions, some cuts, and pasting some together.

They both remembered much and expressed themselves well, each with their personality. When I asked my oldest to talk about the water cycle, she floored me by remembering about a parable from Parables from Nature. She also enjoyed the few grammar questions, the dictation…  They are remembering, they are learning, and they care.

Now they got a better idea of what happens during exams. Next term they will be more prepared with a hymn and folk song learned by memory.

The areas we need to work on are more detailed composer study (I think I will start adding a short bio, so that we can secure better the name of the pieces, and stay more focused on even one piece and one composer).

I have to find a better way of asking for what they have learned in geography.

What a great time it was!


9 thoughts on “Exams, part II”

  1. That same picture we narrated! Isn't it lovely that Degas?!
    …and ” they care…” how wonderful is that? Eso es lo que me sorprende y mas me entusiasma. Igual que tus escritos, que siempre inspiran a seguir haciendo lo que hay que hacer!
    Gracias Silvita: )


  2. Congrats on the successful exams! So glad everything went so well.

    As far as geography goes, how about a blank map to fill in for whatever area you're studying? Would that work? Or open ended questions like… Describe what so and so saw when he traveled to such and such place. What landforms did he encounter there? What is special about that place? etc


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