Book Lists

2015 Books Read

This is another wonderful reading year. Picking up from 2014, I have enjoyed:

1.Fortunata y Jacinta, by Galdós. Such a title. I was transported to Madrid in the 19th century, and I had the pleasure to meet people that will always live with me. I cannot wait to discuss it with two of my best friends (yes, I have two possible friends who may read it). There is much about the characters and happenings I’d love to discuss with ANY who has read this book.

2. The Wonderful O, by James Thurber. We all adored this title. We have since ordered more books by the same author.

3. Anne of Green Gables. Wow. And to think I had missed this title until now!

4. La Odisea. (The Odyssey). Another title that has climbed very high in my all time favorite books list.

5. Wind in the Willows. This is my second time reading this book, which I adore.

6. Through the Language Glass. Very enjoyable, specially for language lovers and amateurs.   

8. Thirteen Clocks, by James Thurber (with the girls).
9. Little Duke, Yonge
10. Wind in the Willows, Graham
11. Soledades, Galerías y otros poemas, Manuel Machado

12. A Confederacy of Dunces, Toole

13. Kidnapped, Stevenson.

14. Christiana (Part II of Pilgrims Progress), by Bunyan

15. The Buried Giant, Ishiguro

16. The Idiot, Dostoevsky
17. Mistress Marsham’s Repose, White
18. Rip Van Winkle, Irving (short legend)
19. The Uncomon Reader, Alan Bennet
20. The Island of the Blue Dolphins, Scott O’Dell
21. Macbeth, Shakespeare
22. Past Scents, Jonathan Reinarz

23. Flatland, Abbott

24. Richard II, by Shakespeare

25. Great Books, David Denby

26. 84, Charing Cross Road 

27. Strong Poison, Dorothy L. Sayers

28. Johnny Tremain, Forbes

29. The  Poetry Handbook, Mary Oliver

30. Snow Falling from a Bamboo Leaf: The Art of Haiku, Hiak Akmakjian

31. Abigail Adams, Natalie Bober

32. Story Book of Science, Fabre

33. Doña Perfecta, Galdós

34. The Book Lover, James Baldwin

35. Wartime Letters, Rainer Maria Rilke

36. La perversión del lenguaje, Amando de Miguel

37. The Everlasting Man, Chesterton

38. Ruinas, Rosalía de Castro

39. Why Translation Matters, Edith Grossman

40. Meditaciones del Quijote, Ortega y Gasset

41. En las orillas del Sar, (poetry)  Rosalía de Castro

42. Crow Lake, Mary Lawson

43. Little Britches, Ralph Moody

44. Don Quijote, Part I, Cervantes

45. Reading Lolita in Teheran, Nafisi.

46. The Boy in the Alamo, Cousins

47. Minds More Awake, Anne E. White

48. The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving

49. Never Let Me Go, Ishiguro (2nd time)

50. An Invitation to a Beheading, Nabokov

51. Trafalgar, Galdós

52. Dos novelas cortas,  Unamuno

53. Letters of a Woman Homesteader, Elinore Pruitt Stewart

54. A Christmas Carol, Dickens

55. Don Quijote, Part II, Cervantes

56. Inferno, Dante (part I of Divine Comedy)

57. Dressing Your Truth: Discover Your Type of Beauty, by Carol Tuttle

58. El principito, Saint Exupéry

59. Kristin Lavransdatter, The Wife, Book II,  by Sigrid Unset

60. El psicoanalista, Katzenbach (audio)

61. La vuelta al mundo en 80 días, Julio Verne

62. El perfume, Suskind

63. The Family Under the Bridge, Natalie Savage Carlson

64. Pedro Páramo, Juan Rulfo

65. The Pledge, Friedrich Durrenmatt

66. Right Ho, Jeeves, by P. G. Wodehouse

67. The Clockwork Universe



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