Maltese Flora and Birds

In the first photo, my youngest and my father in law, in the portion of field his brother in law, uncle Lennie, has given him to cultivate. My girl is sucking an Alien Cape Sorrel, known in Malta as Haxixa Inglesa. You will see it below.

Uncle Lennie has a lot of land, most of it, he plows by hand, with no machines or chemicals, and he sells to local markets and restaurants. The second photo has Maltese fulu, or beans similar to big lima beans.

Above you see dying Jane, one of two goats. She became sick at the time my father in law came to the States this past November.

Mice are common, and though cute, their destiny is drowning. Below you see a small Lennie in the distance, planting fulu.

This first flower below is a Cape Sorrel, Ingliza Sewda, or Oxalis pes-caprae, family: oxalidaceae. This one is white, but there are yellow ones as well. This page is of great help.

Below, the alien cape sorrel, locally known as Qarsu or Haxixa Ingliza, or scientifically as Oscalis pes-caprae, 
 Below, a not very clear picture of the beautiful Borage, borago officinalis. 
 Now it’s the turn of the Crown Daisy, or chrysantemum coronarium.
 I had never seen this blueberry looking like fruit of the Ivy plant.

Below a prickly pear. We love them and eat them at home in Texas, where we buy them in the supermarket. In Malta they are all over. There are also miniature ones so cute.

The birds images are from here. I have finally (thanks to Joe, my father in law, and Lennie, my husband’s uncle), identified and seen these birds. The first one is a Citrine Wagtail.

Next is the common but beautiful, turtle dove.

Today I saw, in the distance, the yellow of this yellow wagtail.

The island is full of warblers.

I have seen a beautiful Maltese Robin.

Sparrows are the easiest to see and know, but I enjoy them every time I see them.

I am almost sure I hear reed buntings.

I am sure I must have seen and heard other ones, but, it’s my first approximation to the birds and flowers of this beautiful island.

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