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Our Christmas in Malta

This Christmas is different. We are not home. We are in Malta, enjoying my mom in law’s cooking, like this ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta cheese.

The Lion Brand tea cup is my favorite. I drink hot water in it.

If we were at home, we’d be baking, crafting, reading our Christmas picture books, seeing our friends… but instead, the girls are cooking with their grandma, typing emails and learning typing, coming for walks, buying sweets and bread and milk from the close by stores, and wrapping those purchases, making cards…

I am reading Fortunata y Jacinta, by Galdós. I don’t know what has taken me so long to read this titan of the Spanish language. I don’t know why I have not been reading in Spanish more. Actually, I know. I have been trying hard for the past 6 years, to become a decent reader of the English language, and since I read the books to my daughters mainly in English, I forgot how beautiful my language is.

I always read in Spanish to the girls, but I have tried to improve as a reader with the heavy weights and I am still carving into those titles. I never got to read the equivalent titans of literature in Spanish either. Yes, I did read some good literature, but I did not have a rich education, and the education I am learning to live and inspire in my girls, comes in English and it’s for American girls.

But we can always improve, so this coming year, I intend to not neglect our Spanish titles with the girls, and I believe I will never leave my Spanish reading for growth anymore. I have found Galdós and I am in a trance. I keep a log of the words I encounter. So beautiful. I understand them by context, but nonetheless I love reading and writing their definitions in a booklet, and then in my journal.

Maybe some of you feel as I do when I read Galdós when you read Dickens, or Shakespeare… it’s difficult to explain, because Fortunata y Jacinta happen in Madrid, and Galdós language is full of picturesque colloquialisms that make my heart soar with joy. He has already introduced me to people I will never forget, and he has painted pictures for me, and narrated plots so interesting and with such a talent, that I am ecstatic I have come to know this author with so many worth reading books.

My lovely neighbor Ellen made us three covers for our notebooks. This one on top is mine. This is my travel journal, which serves me for everything from thoughts, quotes, definitions, and soon, my attempt at a bird list inspired by Jeanne. 




It was the turn of this hibiscus to be painted.

The picture of the real flower is a bit blurred and it does not make it justice. Hibiscus are so beautiful.

And today, I refurbished an old top into a stocking for me, tee hee.
Soon, I will share with you my always evolving list of books I want to read in 2015, which come from friends recommendations and some of my fortuitous findings, and the best of 2014.

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