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Last weeks

This is the year of notebooks, journals, common place books. Thanks to Laurie Bestvater.


On top, my beloved notebook for notes at church, it has only 3 more pages. I am going to miss my Quixote. I added that print from an old text book, decoupaging it (which is, like Fancy Nancy -arghhh- would say, a fancy word for covering it with some mod podge or clear glue that glues it and makes it a bit shinny and integrated to the page when dry).

My common place on top, my ‘common’ spiral for keeping track of books I read and some thoughts, at the bottom.

And my first attempt at sewing a nature journal with 20 watercolor pages (taped on the edge to prevent the holes and sewing from ripping the paper, and sewn one at a time, with double loops on each and previous page, and six different threads, colors, and needles… -breathing-).

Looking at the pictures, I can tell that the art of photography creates illusions, 🙂 The pictures surely look wonderful. It was not über (that word makes you instantly trendy, don’t you think?) difficult, a bit time consuming, but a perfect project for a rainy (or a humid) Saturday.


Nature journal at the bottom, so that you can have an idea of its size. It is an 8×11 aprox.

And now, I leave you with some pages from my girl, who is ten, comics. I do enjoy her drawings much, but I am her mom. And it is good I love this, because she is a challenge in other areas and no day of lessons go without some “moments”, sigh. Still worth, this homeschooling thing, but grateful for our upcoming vacation next month, to gain some perspective.

She writes numbers on top of the bubbles, to indicate the order.
If you click on the picture, you can see it large and read it better.

Her character, Twist, is a black girl with fun hair.

My daughters have noticed there is a lack of black characters, toys, etc. around them. Even though at church we are quite a varied group of christians, and they have friends from different cultures, and with different backgrounds, our world is very “white”. They are adding their two cents to correct this, :), and it is telling me it’s time to consider which could be a good next read aloud.

You see?, with all the wonderful read aloud possibilities we have in front of us, I sometimes believe those books, no matter the ethnicity, background, or nationality of the characters in them, belong to all of US. But a bit of looking and a great read aloud by a more unusual -to us- main character won’t be a bad idea.

I have loved this year reading Their Eyes Were Watching God, and The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, even though I chose them because I was recommended them by friends who told me they are great reads, and I see them as such.

Top picture: doesn’t she reflect our hectic times, and the world that goes on under our noses? This was us yesterday at the park, I mean, the scene. While we were loving and enjoying our walk, my second daughter was lashing out at a friend, and being disrespectful. Correcting her gave me 30 or longer minutes of misery. I am being humorous here because I am dead serious. My only words of advice to myself… better now than later, it is my time to be a mother, and correct, and do whatever necessary to make her stop and think before lashing out at people, and insulting and being disrespectful. It has taken me 43 years to, if not master, at least have more restrain towards people or situations that try me and push my buttons.

I have no more words other than I am very thankful for friends and their grace.

And this top one reflects my 10 year old girl so very well. She is peculiar. She cannot be in your presence if you peel-eat-hold a banana. She, like “our” preacher, assures you that when you leave Subway fast food restaurants, your clothes smell like the place, LOL.

Top picture. I asked her why is Twist apparently on the floor? She told me that she likes laying down on it to look at her mom cook. I said, “SHURE”, how did I not think about it before? And, by the way, I told her how sure is spelled.

Last pic evokes in me the hymn “I Stand Amazed in the Presence of Jesus the Nazarene“, the word maiz (corn in Spanish), and Amelia Bedelia.

And that’s it today. I am going to our delightful AO moms monthly get together.

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