Poetic Homeschooling, science/nature

Nature Box Exchanges

We went to my friend Heather’s home for a short visit, and we forgot the magnolia cones she gave us to paint ourselves, and since my dear friend Kelly had just sent us a feather she found by the Potomac, we brought out the other feathers our lovely Lisa and her family had sent us in our two nature box exchanges, plus one or two we have from our area, and the zoo in San Antonio we visited two years ago.

I wanted to paint them all, but ended up having enough challenge with Kelly’s. She told us to guess, and our guess it’s that the feather belonged to a wild turkey?

The other feathers we know. Left to right, first one is from their turkey, Lisa’s turkey. Next, Kelly’s big feather. The curved one, is from Lisa’s rooster, Thunderbolt. The one with black stripes, it’s a pheasant’s feather. By the pheasant’s, the two gray ones with white tip, we think are pigeon feathers. The three ones that have fluff are from peacocks, and the two similar toward the middle, by the long ones, are from Lisa’s arcana chickens. (I am sure I have messed up someplace, since I am too lazy to go downstairs and check! lol). I know Lisa will correct me in the comments, and Kelly will reveal the mystery of the Potomac feather.


We do not have many puzzles, but this geopuzzle they love, and another one of the states. Our dear friends have some of these gorgeous liberty puzzles. We want to, in time, start our own collection. The girls want also a Hobbit puzzle or two, 😉

I am pleased with my feather drawing colors, but it is not proportioned. After this, I realized I should have enjoyed using a bigger watercolor piece of paper I have.

 My youngest version.

My youngest also painted this one. The picture does not show it, but the black on the side is iridescent, and it reflects green, like she painted. I don’t know, but our paintings alone seem to have more color than when photographed.

My oldest chose the peacock feather, on the right, and on the left, my youngest, who painted 3 feathers! She loved them all.

It is really fun to exchange boxes once or twice a year. We cannot wait for our next exchange with Lisa. We will wait till January, so hopefully, they can get this time some specimens from our travels.


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