Book reviews

The Road

I first attempted this book but could not continue it. I found it too dark and not very interesting. But my friend Karen Glass, and others at Ambleside Online, thought this a good title for a christian to read.

My second attempt proved fruitful. Yes, it is dark, somber, but not sinister or gore. It is also gentle and full of love and hope.

The ending pleasantly surprised me. At some times in the book, I thought we’d be thrown into some horrifying progression of events, but no, I can safely say that the reader is kept whole, and not disturbed beyond limits. It is a message of hope what it brings.

Some parts reminded me of Robinson Crusoe.

Now for the list of my incomplete titles, ahem:

* Frankenstein (close to finish it. Reading with the AO book club)
* Surprised by Joy (in the last quarter)
* Pilgrims Regress (almost half way)
* Till We Have Faces (in the first quarter)
* The Imitation of Christ (half way)
* Right Ho, Jeeves (almost finished)
* Christopher Columbus, Mariner (a bit over half read)
* Circle of Seasons, and My Utmost for His Highest (not worried about finishing them, I’m reading slowly, they are written for daily reads, journal and devotional type)
* Anne of Green Gables (about to finish, with the girls. We have so many titles we’d like for our next reading together, than it’s hard to decide. We’ll see.)

I really want to work on finishing two or three titles, because I need to make room for

* Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (next title for our AO book club)
* Peace Like a River, by Leif Enger (I read the first pages and I know I will love it. I said I’d start it after The Road, but I feel I have to finish other titles too)
* My next Thirkell, still in transit, Cheerfulness Breaks In
* And another one in transit too, recommended by Heather, who in turn, recommends from our children piano teacher, Life with Father, by Clarence Jr. Day.


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