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Wonderful Tenth Birthday Celebration

My oldest daughter is TEN. She had a beautiful birthday day. That morning, I found the okra flower opened.

As I was getting things ready for her party, I went to look at our lemons, and was surprised to see we have lots, and they will soon be ready. We enjoy our home made lemonade, with barely any sugar, cold and lemony, as it is supposed to taste.

 I saw this orb weaver spider, very protective of her food.
My girl did not want cake for her birthday, but apple pie. She has good taste!
While I was baking the pie, she and her friend Kami were doing a chubby bunny challenge, putting marshmallows in their mouths, one at a time, and saying chubby bunny until they could not stuff one more. It was hilarious!

And although I will share the pictures privately, she loved the visit of a special friend who moved far from us, and whom we do not get to see often, and they had a wonderful time playing games of their own invention, and eating and chatting. She loved all the thoughtful presents she was given.

When she got to our presents, she surely found 4 books in it, Charlotte Sometimes by Penelope Farmer, The Children of Green Knowe by LM Boston, Linnets and Valerians by Elizabeth Goudge, and Mistress Masham’s Repose by T H White. (I gave her sister A Traveller in Time by Alison Uttley).She told me she specially likes two of those titles, Charlotte Sometimes by Penelope Farmer, and Linnets and Valerians by Elizabeth Goudge. When she opened those, her best friend said, “I’m reading that one!”, and “I have that one”, and they both were so excited, telling others that Linnets and Valerians was by the author of The Little White Horse, and that was their first book club title. All those titles are Jeanne’s recommendations (thanks, friend), and her best friend, who is becoming quite the reader, got those books too, so now they are in sync, and savoring their recently initiated book club, and the endless book possibilities, plus the food to be served, or decorations for that particular book. I think foam or felt Hobbit feet will make their appearance on our next date, October 31st, for the book club at our home. Reading has become a shared experience among our daughters, and Heather’s son. That boy also, know what’s good, and even if it’s only a bunch of girls, he does not want to miss a beat, and attends the book club too. I know he is going to be well equipped to chose a bride, :), he is been around so many girls, he knows good food, good books, and what makes the girls tickle!

And she opened more presents. A beautiful dress that the mom of her dear friend Kami, sew for her, a Vera Bradley bag, and, thanks to the generosity of some of her grown up friends, now both my girls sport those beautifully made purses, “hipsters” they are called, :), that have such fun and beautiful prints. She got a camera from us, and from others, a doll she wanted, hairbands, notebooks, some cash from her soon to marry cousin, a scrap book album, gift cards to crafting stores, or accessories store… So much love, so many presents!

Today in the car, while she was reading Charlotte Sometimes, she told me, “mom, this book is like Matilda, it has lots of pages, and long chapters, but you get absorbed in it”. (However, this girl reads slowlyyyyy, lol, and there is no way I will be able to make her be faster, even if I wanted, ha ha ha).


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