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Why Do I Blog?

I did not noticed this okra flower closes during the day, until I set up to photograph it. Early in the morning is open, and beautiful. We have been eating okra for over a month. But I do not tire of it. I cut it very thin, and saute it in olive oil, with garlic powder, and some seasoning. It’s crunchy, and tasty.

I embellished my common notebook for books, sorta. And pages are being filled with my latest readings. In this book, only titles and my thoughts, or quotes from the books.

I am reading the last book, Son, of the Giver Quartet. It has been a great series. Thought provoking, well thought, interesting.

I decided to give a second try to The Road, and though it is dark, rough, not easy, I am glad to be reading it. I know Peace Like a River awaits after this title. Under Peace Like a River, there is my copy of Frankenstein. We are having a vibrant and stimulating discussion at our book club.

On the right hand side, I am also half way with Pilgrims Regress and savoring it. The other three on top of Lewis are ‘devotional’, or daily reads for me. Circle of the Seasons is in an entry per day for a year format, and so it’s My Utmost for his Highest. Christopher Columbus, Mariner, I am a bit over half way, and also enjoying this read. It is so sad to realize how little about Spanish and world wide history I learned during my school years… but AO takes care of that. As we study a different period per year, whenever your country, continent, state, etc., comes up, you can surely give it your personal touch, but I am greatly amazed at how much world history my girls know in four years, and geography, and biographies… Ambleside Online is surely a blessing.

Girls pile. I am absolutely enamored with Anne of Green Gables. Thimble Summer is another lovely read. The girls read the Hobbit for their October book club, and they were trying to read a bit of Despereaux and Charlie in Spanish. They can read some, but they need some more road to travel before they get there. They will.

Last night it was a bit cooler. We have four types of heat in Texas, so my husband lit a fire to relax a bit. He is truly stress. We are looking forward to our upcoming vacation. You can disagree as much as you want, but the best skies and clouds belong to us, in Houston!


We just finished our week 16. This picture is my oldest drawing and writing on our shared Book of Centuries, from Madam How and Lady Why. That day was not an easy day. And this is the reason why I blog. Because blogging helps me keep perspective, it helps me look at the big picture. And I then rest in the thought we are doing fine.

If I did not blog, I will not get the camera out, and try to look for beauty and joy around my home. I will not sit down and reflect, and think about the blessings, the nice moments. And I will be in a higher risk of having the hard moments cover me with a cloud of gloom and desperation. Because, at some moments, I do feel that the sky is falling, lol. Really. You should see and listen to our life some days. Sigh. But all is well that ends well.

My 7 year old is hitting it right with Wind in the Willows. You who know me, know my life, know my story. But I am going to repeat that two years ago, this book and ALL the other books, etc. were extremely hard for all of us.

Time and perseverance make you conquer, and the small victories are very sweet.

Just for you to know, second children are, sometimes, incredibly driven -for some things-. Sometimes it’s not your second but your third… In any case, she who is only seven, and who has no obligation to produce any written narration, does it just because. And from what book? From Tree in the Trail! I spent two years disliking -ok, more like loathing-, the Hollings books, and today, I find myself admiring and appreciating them like crazy.

Minn in the Mississippi, has so much earth science, and we even found learning about the cycle of water in the last Parable from Nature called, The Circle of Blessings.

I copied Brandy’s inspiring quote. I believe I am a reformed graffiti artist.
 I am proudly sharing another of my common place book pages.

Girlies bake every day, for no reason. These Japanese crescents, -or something-, look good, but oh boy, I, who don’t like very sweet desert, found them bland. It was another notch on their culinary skills, they had to put foil to bake them with a hole, and they thickened the chocolate in the stove… I was washing dishes like crazy!

 This cannot be. My precious baby will be ten soon. I don’t have words.
We don’t have lots of flowers, but she has this lovely summer rose flower, lantana, and we  cut some to bring that beauty to our table. Looking at the picture, I cannot but think that we look vintage because this is already a vintage picture taken with a Polaroid we bought for our first born. Our backyard looked like Mars.

I went through our fall-October-Thanksgiving books, realizing we will not be here to enjoy our christmas books. I like to read about mice at this time of the year, our Szeker books, and Suzy, and Hi, Ho, Cakes, and The Little Red Hen, The Gigantic Squash…

I am glad my girls are still at the age of picture books. My almost ten, in our drive to the library, read Bonny Legs, and Cranberry Thanksgiving.

Our last weeks before we get to week 20, are a bit condensed. I am more focused on the readings and math than usual, though we have been good at drawing in our nature journals, etc. But I am squeezing a bit more than normal only because for several weeks, we will have more frequent nature walks, visits to museums, places, practicing languages, etc. And the readings for year 4 and year 2, start getting longer, so I am always spilling them in our daily activities, instead of cramming everything in our lesson hours, otherwise it gets impossible and so tiring.

I have to say that, after being very consistent with MEP 3 with my y4 daughter, she picked up her pace, and we are now in y4a. Children may surprise you and advance faster once they get familiar with their math program. Thanks, Jeanne, from the bottom of my heart. Though it may be the case you are in a different year than the AO year, and education it is not about levels, don’t linger too much on a math level if you genuinely see they get it! Be careful also, if you see they have slowed down.  A shorter math time but more steady, it’s better than sporadic binges. Children don’t learn in a steady line, they plateau and jump, just be observant and teach accordingly.

So, this is why I blog. To put order in my head, to stir my thoughts to love and appreciation, to share with others and show that “we are, we can, we ought, and we will”.


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