Isn’t this a beautiful dinnerware set?, I think so.

And thanks to our friend’s love, it is now part of the Cachia family. It has belonged to a christian lady and her family with her two daughters, from there it went to another christian family with, at the time, two young girls too, and it is now in a third christian family and her two young girls, -that is us, :)-. It is a 12 people set, with salt and pepper shakers, gravy bowl and plate for it, creamer, tea pot, platter, soup bowl… truly beautiful. I feel like it’s christmas, or my wedding shower!

Since we do not have our parents living in the States, we have none of this family heirlooms to receive or give away. But that has changed, now we have a set to enjoy and, whatever is left, pass on to our girls, 🙂


Last week was exam-vacation week. The exams went not so bad, nice surprises, some non remembered items, but all in all, a good reflection on 12 weeks of learning. Since last month, I have a girl intensely preparing her birthday. September is her best friend’s birthday and her own. What I love is that she prepares it pretty much alone, -from the invitations to buying a few dollar store items on a budget-, and we will provide with food and cake; actually, she requested apple pie, so I will bake a big apple pie for her.

My friend Heather asked about books for her daughter’s birthday, and I totally piggy back rode that post of hers on Facebook, and if you are not there and want to know, I pegged amazing Jeanne’s recommendations, and bought some for the girls and their upcoming birthdays.

These were her recommended titles (of books outside the amazing books we always read from our Ambleside Online Curriculum).

Yesterday we had the Labor Day Holiday, but today we are back with week 13, and lovin’ it. Though I truly needed a break, truth is that, after several days without math and our usual poetry, reads and the like, I was feeling a bit restless. On Sunday though, we started our new family reads, this time they are Abigail Adams and Wind in the Willows. Abigail Adams is ONLY -sniff-, a chapter per week, for 24 weeks. (I confess I had to go back to it to write some parts in my common place book, -that is a Charlotte Mason word for notebook of any kind where you write quote, verses, poems, etc.).

Why are we, Charlotte Mason chicks, so crazy about slowing down such amazing book we all want to keep reading? It has its foundation on Charlotte Mason’s observations and conclusions, a woman who was the head of schools, and devoted her life to education, a proof in the pudding -or should I say junket?- Victorian lady that was this huge visionary. There are many reads which support our so called “school reads”, and those the children can read however and whenever they want. But the school reads are never to be rushed, for they need to soak at a deep level, and stay with us for a Goldilocks sort of time frame (not too long, not too short, but just right).  My worse transgression to this principle has been finishing Robinson Crusoe in 12 instead of 14 weeks, 😉

Recently, I read my friend Kelly’s blog, and kept thinking much about the importance of music in the life of children, and music lessons.  This year, when we travel to Europe, I want it to be the first year that I not only buy books, but music too. Let’s see how that goes. And our next year plans are to, at the very least, buy our girls classic guitars and start ballet lessons that we wanted to have started this summer but that never happened. We only have 2 more months and then the craziness begins!

This new month of September has already started, and it already has some wonderful dates for us. Birthdays, a workshop in Spanish I will promote in September and that will take place in October the 3rd and 10th, with a date in between for discussion, the Ambleside Online Forum book club, where we will be reading Frankenstein, and a Busted: 31 Days of CM Myths series at Brandy’s blog, Afterthoughts, for the month of October. Stay tuned. I am going to rename October, Mother Culture month, lol.

Eight more weeks, and we will enter celebration-travel-vacation mood and mode.

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