My thoughts

I Need a Vacation!

Who doesn’t, right?


But I know I need a vacation because:

a) I am taking things way too personal, way too unnecessarily. Gulp.

b) I am a bit saturated of our studies, reads, and the whole homeschooling enchildada.

c) I cannot stop talking about our studies, reads, and the whole homeschooling enchilada. Argh.

d) I get touchy feely by every single thing I read, why?

e) Because the world is not against me. Actually, many people in it LOVE me, so why am I restless?

Two explanations or reasons,

1. I need a vacation

2. For reasons beyond our control, my lovely friend and neighbor and I have not been able to RUN lately.

So, let’s practice what I preach, and count my blessings to empty my head of negative thoughts that take me nowhere but deeper in my temporary pessimism.

I am thankful for,

* A husband who loves us all to the moon and back, who cooks, listens, works, and laughs and prays often.

* Friends who let me vent and love me even in my grumpiest days.

* Daughters who are amazing persons, and so much fun, and company.

* A God who is there to listen to my prayers and petitions of forgiveness when I am short of loving my neighbor, or treating others as I’d like them to treat me.

And that vacation is getting closer!


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