Can This Be It?

I am constantly changing the blog design. I do not seem to find that which I am looking for. I have liked and enjoyed all the different templates that I have tweaked, but lately I wanted simplicity in the layout, easy to read font, not lots of buttons, gadgets or widgets, information on the sides or bottom… I wanted the blog to convey my personality.

I believe this template will stay long. It is versatile enough to allow me to change the banner, but my posts are presented in a full page display, as much as in a book as it is possible in the screen, and I do love the size of the pictures. The bit of gray in the background is enough contrast to highlight my photos.

This one is not mine, my father took it with his cell phone five years ago. It is the castle of Pedraza, in Segovia, Spain, a charming medieval town. This year, Lord willing, we should visit it again.

And that’s all for today… not really, there is more, but I don’t have time now to share. I will soon, 🙂


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