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Mid July

Already mid July!
Monday: Nature Study (or pick something from our patio or surroundings, and draw away!)
This was after our 2 hours of pool time. Before, we managed to read poetry, and Bambi. We are listening to Heidi. We read 3/4ths of the book two years ago, but it could not be finished, so this year, we are enjoying it with Miss. AOy2 girl!
One sample cupcake of the dozen they baked last Saturday.
This is what I drew. I still need to add the names. Apart from the Indian Paintbrushes, do you recognize that purple flower or weed?
Someone had asked me before. I use color pencils, some markers, some watercolors as you see in the first picture.
A second try of this trilogy many of my friends rave about, the Kristin Lavransdatter (Lavran is Kristin’s father, and datter means daughter in Norwegian). I am on the sixth chapter… and hooked! So far, it is growing on me. Thanks to my Ambleside Online Forum friends for sharing how much they like it.

Warning. Do not read blurbs, reviews, back covers … lol. Sometimes they mislead you or put you off.

Australian author, Australian animals and characters, and sheer cuteness, and smartness, and such a well written and top notch illustrated stories. It is Snugglepot and Cuddlepie., my 7yo favorite, recommended by the one and only, Jeanne.
First pages of Bambi, and it has the three of us mesmerized. Not so good… familiarity with the story. They have doubts about it because they know his mom will die. But I told them there are good moments in the book that will make it worth reading. Wanted or not, they want to keep listening.
Thimbleberry Stories was a book we saw at Amy’s blog. We had to get it, and I am glad we did.

This is a paper doll house in a manila pocket folder with Ikea catalog paper clippings. They are working on another one, and the dolls which they will place inside.

I am very excited. On Saturday, we are expecting Kelly and her daughter to come over for dinner. They are currently at CIRCE. I have known Kelly for years and never met her. It is going to be wonderful. And I will get to hear something about the conference.


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