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Gifts and Friends

When we got married, we had a wedding registry and all that jazz that was new to us from Europe. We were excited when others bought what we had previously seen at the store and indicated… but, if I were to do this all over, I will surely leave others to gift us whatever they wanted. It was some of those friend’s gifts not in the registry that we have treasured the most.

As I was listening to a lovely friend talk about the lovely heritage they have packaged and in storage for their children, whenever they are ready to claim it, I felt a bit sad about not having family treasures handed me from my mom, aunties, grandmother… that same day, a dear friend came to me with this beautiful tea set above for my daughters.

This set is a gift from a professor that used to work at my husband’s job, she had been unhappily married to a Chinese opium eater. They are from China.

This is one of two porcelain tea cups from Taiwan, that my friend Shang from there sent me a few years ago. They are Franz china, which is supposed to be like Taiwanese Lladró.


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