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A New Year of Learning


Time to redo the shelves.

It means our years 1 and 3 books go upstairs, and our years 2 and 4 books come to their shelf where they will have all they need handy.

Year 2 girl is very excited. She is adding two Ralph S. Mouse books by Beverly Cleary to her shelf. We read all the year 2 free reads, but we did not get to finish Heidi, which we plan to do this time. We will surely read some of those titles once more.

Year 4 girl’s books look exciting and a bit daunting, I admit. At the bottom left, there are also a few year 3 free reads we have not read yet, but considering we read other books, and some year 3.5 books, we discovered wonderful titles. I look back and truth is we have all worked hard and loved this past year.

If you want to see the titles and schedules, at AMBLESIDE ONLINE you can do so. We would be lost without them. I never read any of these classic books, let alone knew that in the books for other disciplines apart from literature (geography, history, biographies, religion…) there were the gates to fascinating new worlds and people.

Even if I knew about these books, I would never have known about how to group them, and how to stretch them over their school years, to make it possible for the children to wrestle with the originals, and narrate from them and learn knowledge, instead of consuming books, memorizing some facts, and forgetting them round the corner and have to study all over again every year.

This is year 2 at Ambleside Online.

This is year 4 at Ambleside Online.

I have the math pages that go with the next MEP lessons printed, the first life of Plutarch and the wonderful notes by Anne White printed, and we are a few days from launching our next year of studies.

They each have a book with the 36 weeks readings printed out and in a spiral bind (that one with the dots at the bottom shelf by the Stories of Don Quixote is one of those). I have added this book to our year’s reading list. Blue Heart says she wants it to be her first free read from the ones she will read by herself. (I may pick up some of my favorite chapters).

We also have binders with maps, writing notebooks, and their nature journals and folders along with mad lips, lots of Shakespeare books and books about him nearby, and art books and their term prints on top of this shelf.

We have today to finish our last year of studies, and a few days for exams, and then we will commence. Wish us luck!


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