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Practicing what you Preach

Going through the archives of my blog, where ALL my posts from ALL the blogs I have had in these five to six years of blogging, I found this post that goes back to November 2009,

Am I the only one who believes that WE, parents of today, have too much information and too little wisdom? I’m guilty of spending hours and pages writing about my children, debating, researching, asking and answering one trillion questions and topics about them, how to make them do this, how to have them learn that, how to…I think the problem is the question is the wrong question, and the importance we give to things is not realistic.

While there are crucial aspects in raising children, all the accessory stuff are like the branches of a tree that doesn’t let us see the forest.

We spend lots of time preparing birthday parties, parties of all kind, activities, trips, rewards, punishment, charts, stickers, systems, looking for curriculum, reading blogs, websites, articles, books, but, … are we taking our time to be quiet, silent from the network rumblings, showing offs, advice, information, co ops, groups, emails, lists, and just doing our best to establish a relationship with them and truly raising them according to His Word?

I’m the first one guilty of not doing my best, yet at the same time I’m not going to beat myself up neither am I to brag about what we may do well. I’ll just simply leave you with this thought: WE ARE TRYING, PRAYING, AND TRUSTING IN HIM to raise them in godly wisdom, and not just worldly knowledge.


Five years after, I am glad to read this again and remind myself to practice what I preach. 🙂

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