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The Adoration of Janna Fox

I almost never read any YA -young adult- books, apart from those classics I know I will discover or rediscover with the girls during their years of education, but I love to read Sarah’s blog, Casteluzzo. She reads broadly, from many genres, and this book, The Adoration of Jenna Fox, caught my eye.

I agree with Sarah. I also listened to the book, which is very well narrated. Sarah says, “This book was surprisingly good. It’s not often that you run across a YA novel that is both provocative introspective literature and fascinating speculative fiction.”

Walden is commented in the book, and it reminded me of Never Let Me Go, which is a book that I also saw at her blog almost a year ago.

And if it helps, do not listen in the car thinking your children will not tune up to the book. I had listen to half of it already, and I knew the book had nothing out of line, and it was very clean. Actually, I thought it was boring for the girls since it is reflective, but Jenna hears the word “dickhead”, and since she woke up from a comma, she is missing many words and meanings, and comes to the conclusion it must mean annoying, so, a bit later, she blurts it out to her grand mother. I was at my friend’s home, and we pause to listen to our children playing church, -they were singing hymns, etc-. Once at home, I got an email from her telling me she asked her son who preached the lesson, and it was my youngest daughter, seven years old, and she asked him what the lesson was about, when he said, “oh, it was about how wrong it is to use the word dickhead.” I was mortified! Good thing friend took it in good sports!


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