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A Week in May

I cannot believe we are already in May! We received yesterday the package from Lisa and her family from Virginia. It was our second nature exchange, but this time I sent books… our city findings are very meager, so we shared our book findings and got an amazing collection of nature treasures they collected for months in their walks.
In the picture you can see a real mockingbird’s nest, a pigeon and a robin egg.
When you come from Lisa’s blog, where she shows us a glimpse of her life, you will be delighted by the beautiful surroundings, all their animals, and her family. Lisa’s children are naturalists, they play instruments, they are being educated by this gentle and wise mom who in turn is inspired by Charlotte Mason.

The skunk was IMPRESSIVE… those were my daughters words. We got everything from this bad boy. His fur, bones, and SKULL.

This is the second snake’s skin we got from them. It is her son’s pet snake. Last year’s skin ended in my dog’s stomach. Crunchy “snacke”. We had many more things, but I will keep them for other posts, since we intend to draw many of them. We also have lots of moths and butterflies from last year, from them.

Last weekend we went to the San Jacinto re-enactment. In the way to the place, we were greeted by a beautiful field of purple lantana.


My camera battery died, I wish I could have shown you the nice things we saw in the booths, and the snakes we got to hold… I think you can get an idea, 🙂

Yesterday we had such a wonderful morning at our sanctuary, with Heather and her children. The park was FULL of birds. We saw many, and a couple of new ones. It was the first time I saw a kinglet bird, a knowledgeable couple who were wailing with excitement, -neat bird watchers-, pointed it to us. We also saw a titmouse, and a rose breasted grosbeak female, which is simply brownish, and not as exciting as the male.

We are so used to blue jays, robins, cardinals, pigeons, and specially, mockingbirds, we did not realized a lady from Wisconsin had not seen a mockingbird yet, -she was visiting-. Our children as well as us, spent quite some time observing the birds by the bird feeder area, and our hearts were content. Sometimes this part of a Charlotte Mason’s education, does not need to be so planned, so quantified … we have been taking our children to this park for years, and yesterday I saw how they have a love and appreciation for the nature and the world around them. Three years ago, I would not have believed I would be writing this.

Today we went to vote for the school district. I was appalled by the low participation. It seems we all complain about taxes, but rarely use opportunities to vote for those who can make a difference locally. My girls went to a crayfish political event in the afternoon, and I just came from taking the girls to their first pool day. The water was very cold, but they enjoyed it. I took The Eyre Affair with me. It seemed appropriate. Pool days are perfect days for Christie, Sayers, the new to me Woodhouse, and Fforde.

We ate al-fresco, and we are having such a nice weather day, that we are about to end this Saturday having dinner al-fresco as well.

Tomorrow is the Lord’s Day, and after morning services we will go to see Julius Caesar in OP -original pronunciation-. They only showed it four times locally, because they are preparing to take it to Europe. How fascinating!

Some days, and weeks, are so full of events, pleasant comings and goings… other months are more sedentary. Some days, and weeks, we are bubbling with activity in our lessons, many outings, seeings, doings… other times are more monotone, there is nothing remarkable, time seems a bit rusty.

If I hadn’t written all this here, I would not believe it is US who saw all this, did all this, enjoyed all this! Part of the reasons why I keep blogging, is because when I write about our life, it comes back to me and shows me beauty, joy, closure. Life is so good.


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