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Another Week in April

The picture does not make justice to how nice our game room-office-library feels. It is a very nice space. The new carpet makes it fresh and clean, and inviting, and all those decorating magazine adjectives.

These are most of our science, history, biography, math, animals-birds-plants books. A friend gave me those plastic files, and they fit perfectly in the new shelving with some room to grow.

The gutter shelves I had in the girls rooms are now in the hallway, and they are oh so nice.

I am typing this from this computer desk you see. The white cubicle shelf has room for more books, but the bottom first space under the lamp, has my soon to be year 4 girl books.

This is one of my favorite shelves. It has two levels of their favorite readers, and our Spanish books at the bottom. Every day now we pick our favorites, put them in the blue bin, and back for more!

This is the last shelf with also more empty space for new additions! The third space on top, starting from the left, opposite to the picture on top of the shelf, has, -sniff-, their baby books with thick pages… sigh.

Oh, the trauma experience of mom as a bookseller person… When they saw me photographing these books which I read the previous night to them, they exclaimed in anguish… “mom, you are not selling those books, are you?”

 This is her smile of relief, finding her favorites to pose with them.
Who does not like the Provensen couple books?, or this Judith Viorst (not all, mind you!).
I am enjoying each single minute of their childhood. I know it will not last forever.


 After seeing all those beautiful bluebonnets, how could we not draw them?

Every year there is one thing we conquer, and many more which we have to keep working at. This year, maps were more present and done at home. My little one says she is fond of Turkey, the Caspian Sea, and Mongolia.

I was telling the girls about Afghanistan and what a burka is, (in After You Marco Polo, they are in a part of Afghanistan), and the girls asked, “how can you love someone and marry without seeing her face?”, “of course, the heart counts, but it is a bit strange”. I told them I think they see women inside the homes without their veils… but I admit I don’t know much about this.

Explain to me how we can be listening to Marc O’Connor, and still have girls singing Let it Go for the umpth time. It was a catastrophic parental mistake to expose them to that movie and song. Between this song, and the ones they hear at the orthodontist, I am at my wits end. If you can, avoid this song and the radio like the Black Plague. You will live longer.


Nice dollar book finding. Bluebonnets are in this book, they are Lupine flowers.

Some days are not easy at.all. But others, everything seems to flow oh so well… sometimes I want to unschool the girls, to forget about schedules, books, lessons…, to stay within the boundaries of comfort and excitement… but then the walks, the drawing, the readings… it all blooms, and the magic happens, their ideas, their passion, their character development, it amazes me to see them learning and loving, and caring about it… then all is well.

We finished Just David, by Eleanor H. Porter. It is a male version of Pollyanna, but original in itself.  Lovely book. We are enjoying The Song of Haiwatha.


10 thoughts on “Another Week in April”

  1. What a lovely post, Silvia…made me want to go read, sketch, find some flowers, and immerse myself in some beauty… 😀 I confess to opening up my library page and putting some of the books pictured on hold. I am drooling over your shelving! LOVELY!!! 😀


  2. Permiso más que concedido, Mercedes. Qué gusto verte por aquí… y de veras que se siente más acogedor que las fotos… me faltan unas cuantas fotos más, y algo sobre las estanterías blancas… pero nos gusta mucho a todos en casa cómo nos ha quedado.


  3. Silvia, me he reído mucho con tus hijas cantando let it go. Aquí ya son meses de cantar no sólo esa sino las demás canciones de la película, en español, inglés, francés y la versión de 24 idiomas.
    Me gustaron mucho tus bibliotecas, te quedó un espacio que se vé delicioso. Un besote.


  4. Ay…. qué tendrá esa canción… ja ja ja… gusto en verte por aquí. Espero que estés bien.
    Sí, estamos disfrutando mucho de la habitación y cómo quedó todo.


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