What to write about?… Book reviews, narration, my views on history, our week highlights… Hmmm. A bit about everything spiced up with some pics.

Oh. We loved The Little White Horse. It is the book that prompted me to look for more Elizabeth Goudge titles, and that is how I discovered and read The Rosemary Tree. Ever since, I have bought a few more of her titles I have and that I will savor as I feel that need for a Goudge title.

We went to a farm’s trip yesterday, and it was simply lovely. The ride, the farm, the friends, the strawberries. We learned and saw how to grow strawberries hydroponically.

Yeap. We had a birthday this week. My wonderful husband turned 24, or maybe the other way around!

I owe the quirkiest and most strange book I have ever read. It is called, The Body has a Head.

When he describes bodily functions and organs, he compares them to things, and he interjects stories about people, famous or not, who had x diseases pertaining to what he is talking about, he talks and quotes Shakespeare, talks about Tchaikovsky, Pavlov, Jeremiah, Paul, Plato…, experiments, different theories man has held about this or that… I do not know what to think, all I know is that, no matter where I open it and read from, I am totally amazed and amused, and sometimes lost too, LOL.

The girls made puppets for narrations. Little Bean made lots of good and bad men and women, kings and queens. Blue Heart made Mowgli, Bagheera, Baloo, trees, a honeycomb… she loves Jungle Book.

And thanks to a friend at Ambleside Forum, I am reading After You, Marco Polo. I love travel, we do some here, but this is travel at another level! Oh how I wish I had been to some of the places Jean had. But I am not envious of her fall inside frozen ice waters, or being in the middle of nowhere, without food, with your escort abandoning you, and your husband having a 105 point something fever in the brink of death because of your dream to follow Marco Polo’s footsteps.

I finished and enjoyed The Home Maker. But I am desperate for my dear friend Heather to read it so that I can chatter about the end with her. This is another book I had heard about in some reading blogs, and it is also by the writer of Understood Betsy,  that we all loved so much last year when we read it for school.

I also finished reading To Say Nothing of the Dog. This one was such a wonderful book, amusing, clever, original, romantic, Victorian. Perfect follow up to Three Men in a Boat. I see more Connie Willis titles in my future.

Thanks to Heather I am still reading Waverley, thanks to the friends in the forum, I am also reading the Iliad. These two are hard but satisfying readings. Not until one of these two is finished, will I allow me to open another Goudge book, or the coming Fforde books (The Eyre Affair, and Lost in a Book). It is kind of coincidental in a bad sense that one of his books is called Shades of Grey, A Novel, which is a dystopia about people who cannot see in color, and which has nothing to do with an trilogy that I believe it is nothing but which has a number preceding the title, in the erotica genre. Most of you know me, but some may be new, and I will never read such a book… or DIVORCE other than my carpet. One more night and tomorrow, the rat color carpet will be gone, ha ha ha ha.

5 thoughts on “A Week in April

  1. That Body book sounds really interesting. I love Goudge, but I've only read two of her books — The Little White Horse, and Green Dolphin Street. I own two others, Gentian Hill, and The Rosemary Tree, which I got at book sales. I'm glad you reminded me of her. Most of what I'm reading right now is so heavy and such slow-going and I need something different to break it up. I finally got a copy of The Rector of Justin, which I've been wanting to read since… someone, I've forgotten who… mentioned it several years ago.

    Love your girls' puppet narrations — what a clever idea!


  2. How nice you got those at book sales. I bought Green Dolphin, The Scent of Water, and once I read those, I will indulge in her autobiography, The Joy of the Snow.

    That Rector of Justin sounds interesting too, 🙂

    I cannot wait to meet you!


  3. I'm reading God So Loved the World and Island Magic by Goudge right now, Silvia. God So Loved the World is her delightful retelling of The Gospels. I love it! I teared up at her description of Jesus healing and caring for a leper. Island Magic has the great Goudge gorgeous descriptiveness, I can SMELL the sea….I'm just getting into this one. I think it's going to be good. My dd and I are reading The Little White Horse right now…so far we like it!!! We have a hydroponic farm near us! The puppet narrations is a WONDERFUL idea!!


  4. Amy, I cried while reading The Rosemary Tree… what a talented writer, for whom spirituality is part of life and not an external or preachy note added to her books, but a part of her characters who are so real.

    The girls are always drawing, and they were the ones who wanted to work on those while I read.


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