poetic living

It has to get worse… to get better?

Or how does that go?
Finally we are letting go of our 12 years old rat color carpet in the game room/office and stairs. And I am taking advantage to transform it also into a library, with white shelving (some old some new) around the walls, and our three desks in the center back of the room.

And our master, and both of the girls room, have experienced a tornado of sorts. The first picture is our master bedroom.

 Our game room, the one with lovely green walls.

All the next pictures are of Little Bean’s room. We will leave one wall with the mural I painted, and paint the other three around, and make changes…



2 thoughts on “It has to get worse… to get better?”

  1. Look forward to seeing the after pictures! My house to looks quite the same, books everywhere looking for homes and I have been unpacking boxes that have been in storage for 12 years, whilst we were building our home/B&B. 🙂


  2. Aww. It will be MUCH better. It always is! Last summer, I painted our kitchen/main room and whew…I couldn't believe how much WORK it was. Moving things, cleaning, taping trim, painting when children were in bed, second coats, and then clean up, putting back etc…but it was SO WORTH IT! 😀


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