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I Read. III March Update

To Say Nothing of the Dog, by Connie Willis: 183 pages/out of 434

To Say Nothing of the Dog is such a delightful and fun book to read. It has innumerable references to other books and historical events, which makes it so charming. The story happens in Victorian England, and the humor is clean, fun, smart… It is my first, but not my last book by Connie Willis.

Waverley, ch. 31/ out of 72 chapters.

Waverley is amenable but hard at times, you just have to keep reading, then you disentangle yourself from your momentary confusion. The more you read, the more you become familiar with the colloquialisms and different pronunciations of the English language as well as with the plot of the book. I am about half way, and now Edward is in a difficult quandary.

The Iliad: up to book 17/out of 24 books 
I am focusing on those three books right now.

The -abandoned for now- Rest:
My Bookstore, by Ronald Rice: 59 pages/out of 373. No change.  
Founding Brothers, Joseph Ellis: 37 pages/248
The Magic Barrel, by Malamud (These are short stories. Written in the 50’s. I have read and enjoyed the first 3: 37pages/out of 213. No change.
50 Great Essays, edited by Houston Peterson, 2 essays/out of 50 essays. No change.
Sara Teasdale’s Poems: some random every day.
Cold-Case Christianity; 11% my Kindle tells me. Great book for LOGIC and apologetics.

The Rosemary Tree, by Elizabeth Goudge. FINISHED

On Hold:
The Man Who Knew Too Much, Chesterton
Sylvie and Bruno, Lewis Carroll
The King’s General, by Du Maurier

On my Horizon:
The Story of CM, Choldmondley
The Secret History, Donna Tartt
After You, Marco Polo, Jean Bowie Shor
The Deadliest Monster, J.F. Baldwin
One Thousand Chestnut Trees, by Mira Stout (Jeanne recommended me this read).
…and the 100 new titles I got at today’s public library sale! LOL.

Additions to this On my Horizon:
The Joy of Snow
The Scent of Water

Shades of Grey, by Jasper Fforde. This is the official Amazon synopsis of the book,

Welcome to Chromatacia, where the societal hierarchy is strictly regulated by one’s limited color perception. And Eddie Russet wants to move up. But his plans to leverage his better-than-average red perception and marry into a powerful family are quickly upended. Juggling inviolable rules, sneaky Yellows, and a risky friendship with an intriguing Grey named Jane who shows Eddie that the apparent peace of his world is as much an illusion as color itself, Eddie finds he must reckon with the cruel regime behind this gaily painted façade.

With the Girls

Children of the New Forest. Finished! What a great book this was.
The Heroes, by Kingsley. Almost finished.
The Little White Horse, by Elizabeth Goudge. Only two more chapters.
Jungle Book
Squanto, Feenie Zinner
Five Little Australians.(Thanks to Jeanne, we are going to embark in a little Australian books for children adventure).
The Peterkin Papers
Swallows and Amazons (We will start this as soon as we finish The Little White Horse)


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