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The Rosemary Tree

Intrigued by the charm of her children’s book, The Little White Horse, I perused other titles by Elizabeth Goudge and some information about who she was. I found The Rosemary Tree, and checked it from the library a few days ago. After reading this title, I felt compelled to buy (there are no more of her titles at my library), The Scent of Water, and her autobiography, The Joy of the Snow.

This book grabbed my heart from page 1 till the end. I have waited forty three years to meet this amazing writer. This first of her adult books, has come to be my favorite title. I am aware I have tendencies to exaggerate, and I speak very passionately about books an authors. This is, however, a very serious affair. Elizabeth Goudge mentions in this book, Don Quixote and Rocinante. Knight and horse, and the book by Cervantes, are intricate to her story. And this book is my favorite title in the Spanish language. Her second literary reference is Alice in Wonderland… how could this be? Lewis Carroll is a dear author too. And it does not stop there… Walter de la Mare, Shakespeare… and a few unknown authors and titles which I will explore as soon as possible, such as Life of Samuel Johnson, which one of the characters was reading.

This does not stop there either. Her references to flowers, birds, and nature as a part of our lives are indescribable. Her talent to paint characters, from children to grown ups, men or women alike, and to map human emotions, our conscience, our struggles in life and personalities, has no equal.


This takes me to another book I want to present you wit, Literary England. I got it at a book sale for one dollar, and it has proven so far the best spent dollar this year! It is my literary timeline all in one. Now authors I had scrambled, are taking their place in the chronology of England as a place, and as a language and literary canon that has influenced other writers in other languages.

 I cannot wait to start showing the girls some photos and reading some short poems starting with Arthur, and continuing, on photo 17, with The Battle of Hastings.

While reading To Say Nothing of the Dog, when she mentions the Battle of Hastings, I told my husband, ‘there, this is a great book, for what book mentions the Battle of Hastings and it is a mediocre book!’.


 Vanity Fair showed up on page 25! LOL.
 Now bow to Sir Walter Scott, who got two pages, ladies and gentlemen.
 Back to the past, I forgot to mention King Alfred is here, there, everywhere!
 And oh, best beloved, salute Kipling, if you please.

The Spaniards, with adjacent photo not shown here, of a place in London I.have.visited years and years ago, LOL.

Intriguing book I have heard mentioned, and that is also in my reading radar.
And as I am typing, I forgot I should have photographed the table of contents! I might later at some point.  The pictures are not the flamboyant 21st century pictures that Pinterest vomits in a fraction of a second, but they are sober and poetic analog pictures -that means photos with film you develop-. Before digital, we had a roll to insert in a camera, and that same roll we had to take to a place were they will, in a dark room, develop the images in paper and chemical liquids I am sure they must have being declared toxic. The instant gratification, or instant view of the image taken, were unknown. One had to know a lot before clicking the shutter, and many times the mysterious pictures in that roll were total blunders, others wonderful images. We could not afford 300 pictures in a minute with our tongues out, but we could afford some pics with our eyes closed, or smiling. It was not the 20 minutes sitting still of our ancestors either. Film rolls and developing was pricey, but one could break the piggy bank for vacations, and have a roll in the camera for occasions.


Photo of a dark room for developing photo film.

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