Reading Progress

I Read. II March Update.

Not to forget:

Julian Hawthorne, The Life of a Prodigal Son, by Gary Scharnhorst. FINISHED!

Very interesting biography. Through Julian I was able to put many events and important people in context. Such a life he lived. Not the best husband, or writer, journalist, friend, father… but definitely a man that represented a crucial era in America. A symbol and legacy.

To Say Nothing of the Dog, by Connie Willis: 125 pages/out of 434
My Bookstore, by Ronald Rice: 59 pages/out of 373. No change. Founding Brothers, Joseph Ellis: 37 pages/248
The Iliad: up to book 13/out of 24 books
The Magic Barrel, by Malamud (These are short stories. Written in the 50’s. I have read and enjoyed the first 3: 37pages/out of 213. No change.
50 Great Essays, edited by Houston Peterson, 2 essays/out of 50 essays. No change.
Sara Teasdale’s Poems: some random every day.
Cold-Case Christianity; 11% my Kindle tells me. Great book for LOGIC and apologetics.
Waverly, by Sir Walter Scott. Ch.7/ out of 72.
The Rosemary Tree, by Elizabeth Goudge. 115 out of 320 pages.

On Hold:
The Man Who Knew Too Much, Chesterton
Sylvie and Bruno, Lewis Carroll
The King’s General, by Du Maurier

On my Horizon:
The Story of CM, Choldmondley
The Secret History, Donna Tartt
After You, Marco Polo, Jean Bowie Shor
The Deadliest Monster, J.F. Baldwin
One Thousand Chestnut Trees, by Mira Stout (Jeanne recommended me this read).
…and the 100 new titles I got at today’s public library sale! LOL.

With the Girls
Children of the New Forest. Finished! What a great book this was.
The Heroes. Almost finished.
The Little White Horse
Jungle Book

2 thoughts on “I Read. II March Update.”

  1. What a nice looking list. I got nothin' right now 😉 Well, I am reading “The Book Thief.” It's different than I thought it would be but so far I like it. I'm 1/2 way through.
    The Cold-Case Christianity looks interesting. How does it compare to Strobel's Case for Christ?


  2. I enjoyed The Book Thief. When you finish it, Blossom, let me know. I have something to share about it.

    I have not read Strobel, I can only tell you this one is written from a detective's point of view, *professional, not fictional*, and he applies the logic and deductive thinking to the Gospels. It tells you what the naturalist or materialist fallacy is, and it is also entertaining but not silly. He worked with policemen and doctors for many years, and he was an atheist. It is light yet not simple… does it make sense? Actually, I was going to finish it and see what AO has in terms of logic, since this book has a great overlap on how to properly use our reasoning, what is probable and reasonable cause, etc, applied to the Gospels.


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