I just need to…

Salt Marsh Moth, or  lepidoptera arctiidae
… share a bit of our life with you. I need to sit down and reflect a bit on our blessings, the beauty around us…
Some weeks are very trying, and if we do not focus on the positive, it is easy to be caught up in a pessimistic outlook at life.
I caught this beautiful moth yesterday. It will go in the package we are preparing to exchange with Lisa and her familyLast year we exchanged our fist package. It was wonderful. We have enjoyed all their lovely findings. They live in a wonderful farm, they have goats, chickens now… and in their river walks, and nature walks, they find wonderful things.


I reshuffled some shelves last Friday and I moved this low shelf into our breakfast-good-for-all area, and placed all y1 books on the left, and y3 books on the right, and at the bottom of y1 side, some y2 books we already had out. My daughters both know all their books for the week, as well as their books for writing, and their math folders and binders. I used to have all their books in one shelf, and they were able to find most… but now they have no excuse, tee hee.
I cannot believe we have finished 27 weeks of school already. Y3 girl is in love with all the 3rd and last term additions which are Jungle Book, Secrets of the Woods, and Squanto.


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Today we went to the Centenary celebration of the Battleship Texas ship. It rained cats and dogs, so we could only enjoy the ship, which was fine, but the event was very much a fiasco. Vendors were empty, concert and re enactments cancelled… Sometimes we win, sometimes we loose.

I got the same copy than my friend Jeanne of Beautiful Girlhood. Mine is lovingly worn in the spine.
I agree with my dear friend Jeanne. This education we are able to provide to our daughters is a blessing. In our car ride to see Battleship Texas, I was reading what we had left from this week from The Heroes by Kingsley, Theseus. I wanted to take and read The Little White Horse, but she told me not to read from it because she loves it so much she does not want to ‘waste it’ for the car, but to enjoy it at home. Before getting there, she had loaded lots of books from our holiday pile, LOL, and she read to us all Cranberry Thanksgiving. After that, it was my turn to read Heroes, which we all enjoyed.
As I read from The Heroes, the word cur came up, and isn’t it insane I had just read it in chapter 6 or 7 of Waverley? Same with the word thrall last week. We read it in the Vikings and in The Heroes. And I know there are words that fly over our heads, but that one day or the other, we will be able to spot, trap, and make them ours forever. We will then see them everywhere!
The girls got a ride in a school bus for the firs time from the parking to the event. I had a conversation with my oldest, and I am so proud to see how mature she is while she is just a little girl. My heart sang with joy when she confided in me a simple little thing that means the whole world to her, and to me too, because it is a sign of trust.
My heart is full.

4 thoughts on “I just need to…”

  1. Hi Siliva, this is a nice update of your homeschooling days. Yes, some days and even weeks are difficult, I am in one of those seasons, I just rely on God's grace to get me through each day. 🙂


  2. We are beginning week # 29 this week, Silvia. A bit ahead of schedule in case we need to take a little time off when the goats have their babies, and loving every Ambleside minute of it! What a blessing to have found such wonderful books and such a wonderful educational philosophy!
    But in spite of it all, the challenging times occasionally show themselves. I have to focus on getting through one minute at a time…just one minute at a time. However, He has proven that His grace is definitely sufficient. 🙂


  3. I hear you, Lisa. I need to remember to pray for you… some times are very busy, and they tip off our nice and cozy routines, but I know your children are having the best education, and what is most important… the BEST mom and dad they can have.
    I am so excited about our next box exchange! My girls were 'bragging' this morning to their friends about receiving their bones and skin… they do not know they will also get a skull! LOL. But your snake has declined in popularity after reading Rikki Tikki Tavi *y3 story in the Jungle book about copper snakes*, and my oldest refuses looking at the picture of your snake eating a 'poor field mouse' LOL.


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