Meet the Hawthorne Blossom

We have been visiting this nearby sanctuary for many years now. While I could have taken the girls to parks, nature walks, and outdoors more than I have, I look to the present and ahead, and I am grateful of what we have.

I could complain for hours about Houston, a city without curves to walk, with minimal and not efficient public transport, where you have to go everywhere by car. And I will miss the blessings of places like this sanctuary, immersed in the middle of houses and roads, a charming place at any season.

The weather was idyllic, the girls enjoyed every single second. I remembered Children of the New Forest and Hunger Games, and I was trying to walk without making noise. I don’t know if I would pass a true hunter’s test, but, with my soft sole boots, I was pretty noiseless… or that compared to my chimpees, aka, my girls.
 Isn’t it quite unbelievable this is in the middle of Houston’s buzz and fuss?
 I am in love with tree stumps.
Praise Him from whom all blessings flow!


Our friend, the turtle, basking in the Houstonian sun.
We listened and spotted different birds, a woodpecker, and saw a female robin. Thanks to our friend in the Ambleside Forum who, after our last month Tea Challenge, has invited us to take this Outdoor Challenge and go out with our children.
I did not take pictures of our drawings today, but I have past drawings to show you.
Above is my 7 years old drawing of our Narcissus flower.
 Above you can see my 9 years old daughter drawings.
Lastly, those you see to the right, are mine.
UPDATE: It is not a Hawthorne Blossom, but a Mexican Plum Tree!

8 thoughts on “Meet the Hawthorne Blossom”

  1. Such a beautiful spot–looks absolutely idyllic! My favorite photo is the turtle basking in the sun…our local creek/pond has turtles, but they must always hide when they see us coming because we almost never get a good peek. And your nature journals are so lovely! Thank you so much for sharing them.


  2. Thanks Celeste and Blossom. I truly appreciate you stopping by. It means a lot.

    And it is nice oasis in the middle of our city, this park.


  3. Wow – that is a beautiful place you get to visit. We have a hawthorn tree up the street from us – you should see it…NO blossoms yet or even a hint of them that I can tell (I will look closer today on our outing), and the poor tree is usually bedecked with plastic shopping bags caught in the branches. Sigh. But, it will eventually bloom and when it does, it will remind me of your sanctuary! 🙂 I always love looking at nature journals, so thanks for sharing yours. What will the rest of the month reveal to us??


  4. 🙂 I can picture that poor tree with plastic bags hanging…

    It is a lovely place in a middle of a coarse city!

    I am too looking forward to seeing what the rest of the month will unveil.

    I think about you too, in the subway, with your color pencils… and I think a lot about all the authors who I cherish, and how nature perceptive, oriented they are, and how they all are in awe of God's creation and talk a lot about the flora and fauna around them linked to their lives with so much grace. (I am reading Elizabeth Goudge to the girls, and another book by myself, ha!)


  5. Thank you for the gentle reminder that beauty is everywhere; sometimes I am unappreciative of what I do have. The beauty of God's creation is everywhere – even in a big city like Houston.


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