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The Moonstone

Oh, what a fun and alluring mystery novel by Wilkie Collins!

Can it be true this is considered the FIRST mystery novel written in English?

The Moonstone was published in 1868, and, transport, clothing, and life references in general aside, it is such a modern book. The structure of it so innovative, so new. It starts being narrated by one person, and the story then jumps to five other different people.

Highlights without spoilers: the book is very fitting for all Sherlock fans in more than one regard. It references other books, but in particular, ROBINSON CRUSOE. 

Now I can read To Say Nothing of the Dog, which a friend at the AO forum recommended, and which I also gifted to another friend who has read it already. I knew that, in order to fully enjoy To Say Nothing of the Dog, one would have better read Three Men in a Boat… to say nothing of the dog, by Jerome K. Jerome, but I had no clue The Moonstone was the other important read to savor the book. 

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