So Many Blessings

My daughters love cooking and baking. They made mini pizzas from scratch. And a bday cake too for their only cousin.

Reading The Moonstone and Jamaica Inn. Some thoughts. The Moonstone, by Wilkie Collins, is so well written and so enjoyable. What an original mystery, full of twists and changes, and so intriguing.

And Jamaica Inn, by Daphne du Maurier, another equally well written book (Collins and du Maurier were close in time). She sets up such a good suspense, and writes so well. Mary, going to Jamaica Inn, brought to my mind that scene of the young man going to Dracula’s castle… and this paragraph, speaks to me of a poetic life, and poignantly reminds me how we have almost lost our sense of taste and smell…

She went to the water trough and put her hands under the spring. The water ran clear and icy cold. She drank some, and it was unlike any water she had drunk before, bitter, queer, with a lingering peat taste like the smoke from the turf fire in the kitchen.

Thanks to our friend Heather’s generosity, my oldest daughter could take piano lessons in her home for over a year, with a wonderful teacher. After that teacher moved, he recommended us another teacher that is so talented as a pianist and as a teacher. It is hard to say what the girls will value in years to come, what experiences they will remember. But something tells me they will ALWAYS remember Mr. Joel and Mr. Brian. These two men have been a blessing to us. The key to break the spell and have music in our family. I have an uncle and cousins that are very musical. One of my cousins is an accomplished piano player and great teacher, but he lives in Spain. And my brother is a music pipe, the guy that tours with singers or groups. But my girls had never played any instrument until a year and a half ago.



2 thoughts on “So Many Blessings”

  1. You are truly blessed. Whether they remember their piano teachers' names or not, they will always carry with them the gift of music you have provided them the opportunity to receive.


  2. Thank you, Diana. When I hear and see them play, I always think about YOU. How you kept that blessing music means for ALL your boys, and surely their families.


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