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The Perfect Score

I requested this book when I saw it for grabs at BLOGGING FOR BOOKS.

I am from Madrid, Spain, and I only have taken Excet Exams in Texas for my Teaching Certification, which are in the SAT style, but not the SAT.

I was just interested in knowing a bit about what the SAT is, but the book surprised me as very entertaining to read. Debbie Stier has a fun and charming style, she is quite a story teller. I enjoyed the people and situations she writes about. If you have EVER taken a test, even if not the SAT, you will relate to her. Debbie committed to take the SAT 7 times in a year, initially attempting to get the PERFECT SCORE, and with the double intention to be better able to support her adolescent son. At the end of the journey, her quest ends up benefiting her family, and she comes to revealing conclusions about parenting more than insider secrets to the SAT. But there are plenty of those too. She just spells everything SAT inside out! This is a modern SAT odyssey, with yoga, Kumon, tutors, email, videos, tweets, SAT parties, TV shows, family crises… It simply makes you laugh, and it is a surprising page turner.

What I got from it:

* Interesting history about the SAT, and detailed information about what it is and all the different choices to prepare for it

* Pertinent information about how important it is to have a relationship with your teen children

* A good reflection about how much scores can be improved, and what it is at stake with the SAT.

* Nice reflection about parenting.

Five stars. I recommend it. Great in its category.


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