52 weeks of reflexions

52 Weeks of Reflexions. Week 1

Today I started the day with a table shattered to pieces at 5 am by the wind. My patio table, with a glass top, was reduced to broken pieces as I saw the patio at 6:35 am when I cook breakfast for Steve. But I was not ready for the news I got via email about the passing away of a dear sister in Christ’s fiance. The sudden death of a young person, of a young father who leaves behind a wonderful child and a beautiful fiance whom many love so much. She teaches our children at church, she is a faithful and lovely young woman, part of such a strong and sweet family. I wish all that had been shattered today were my patio table.

A life ceased today, and a new one was born to my dear neighbor yesterday night.

I am blessed to have life, to have health, but most of all, to have the hope of eternal life. As we were doing our lesson about the second coming of Christ, and we were talking about Him coming as a thief in the night, my 7 yo daughter said, “mom, then we have to stay up all night”.



2 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Reflexions. Week 1”

  1. What a mixture of emotions to begin your new year. We never know what will happen from one day to the next. What a blessing to have the hope of heaven.


  2. I had missed your comment until now… yes, it was a hard way of commencing 2014, but as you say, we never know what He has for us, but we know His promises for the faithful.


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