Christmas Eve 2013

The meal features lamb, courtesy of Steve, roasted potatoes, Jazmin rice at the back, pretty blurred,and artichokes with mushrooms and feta cheese. Ah, and store bought ciabatta bread.The mint on the lamb is fresh from our garden, and we ate with freshly made lemonade.

Wow… it is come and gone already!

It started with some late gift wrapping, followed by a closet-girls room-craft table and drawers’ cleaning, continued with a lovely conversation with a friend and fan, who helped me tons with the last short story I am working on for a contest, and continued with a little bit of cooking that turned oh so yummy!

In Spain and other countries, we have a splendorous late family dinner both the 24th and the 31st, and the 25th and 1st are lunch meals. Tomorrow, given that we attend services every Wednesday of the year, rain or snow, and our services or Bible study is at 7:30, we decided to enjoy hors d’oeuvres -fancy word for appetizers-, and we had dinner today instead.

After dinner we went for a walk, and coming back a delicious mince pie was waiting for us in the oven. Now the rest of the family is watching another of those Christmas movies, while I type. And in a while, I will retire to read.



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