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Thoughts from the Heart

As I typed some of the poems, stories, and Ethal’s (Marilyn’s mother) own words at the end of Thoughts from the Heart, I felt honored and encouraged by the words of these two beautiful christian women. Poems that will encourage you, and her mother’s story, which is a historic and personal account of last century American history… (Did you know that Marilyn’s great grandfather was an Englishman and that he corresponded with Dickens?. This is not in the book, though, LOL.) Ethal heard president Roosevelt on the radio on Pearl’s Harbour’s day. Marilyn donated a kidney to her cousin Joan, and that story is in the book as well.

Yes, during these past months, I have had the pleasure to work with Marilyn Kay Goss Scogin to publish this her first book, Thoughts from the Heart. Marilyn had published some of her poems and stories before, but this time, she wanted to have a book that was her personal collection of poems, stories, sprinkled with her own pictures.

Publishing these days can be done by oneself. It is not ultra complicated, but it requires to learn some tricks, and it takes time and patience. I know what I have learned about publishing was in part for Marilyn’s dream to become a reality. It all took some time, but it happened effortlessly, which tells me it was meant to be.

Now that the book is ready, we need to remind ourselves that not everybody is crazy about reading, or writing. Not everybody is exhilarated about publishing a book, or having a friend who has done that. And that is fine.

I am still hopeful that, in time, the book will get some positive reactions. For now, it is just a small and private joy. But what a joy, indeed!



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