Bountiful Nature Box from Virginia

Last week, we got a package from Virginia that Lisa and her family sent us. A few weeks ago, Lisa wrote me asking if we would like to exchange nature boxes with her family. That was such a wonderful idea, we went right on board!

We live in Texas, in a suburbia. They live in Virginia, on a farm. It was a bit like Country Box, and City Box. We had no snake skin as the one they sent us! That was such a hit. Initially, my oldest did not want to touch it, only appreciate it. A few minutes after, both girls were gently touching it and admiring it. My little girl has greeted more than a visit with the nature basket where she keeps all the treasures. She said they were properly packaged, and much more than what we included, -grin-.

And the fun began! We opened carefully packed bags with herbs, flowers, shells, rocks… and a full collection of MOTHS AND BUTTERFLIES. With their respective names written.

Lisa was very considerate. She asked me before sending the snake, because some people do not like that sort of treasure. We do. We both wrote letters of introduction, and we described our families and the contents of the box. And she recommended we opened the box outdoors, since the moths and butterflies may have some odor. Yes, when you open the bags there is some smell, but we opened the contents indoors and the excitement superseded any bad odor.


We thought other families may be interested in ding this. We highly recommend it. We liked it so much, we wanted to do another exchange in the fall, but we have agreed we will wait until January. Seeing their treasures gave us ideas to gather ours. We have some flowers and herbs we failed to add to our package.

We may be missing some of the contents, but these many will serve, I hope, to illustrate the wonderful experience this exchange was. We have now plenty nature findings to draw in our journals, and many ideas for our nature walks to keep gathering treasures for us and to share.


If you wish to see what Lisa and her family received from us, follow this link to find out.

6 thoughts on “Bountiful Nature Box from Virginia”

  1. Esto esta super!!! En un futuro un intercambio hasta Mexico? Ojalá alguien se anime, hay muchas cosas exóticas que mis hijos han encontrado 🙂 .


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