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Life of Fred

First I will clarify I do not receive any compensation for endorsing Stan’s books. He is the author of Life of Fred.
Some details of importance:
1. If you order any of his books, please, do so through Z-Twist Books. All the Elementary Math Books are $16.00 and FREE SHIPPING to any USA location.
2. Life of Fred is not a simpleton without substance series of books. Much the contrary. Life of Fred is a cohesive, masterly devised, and enjoyable math curriculum. It is NOT a traditional curriculum. Warning. Do not open Apples, (the first book in the Elementary Series), and expect to see pages with math concepts explanations, and rows of neatly arranged problems to go with each of the concepts. At first glance, it looks simple, even silly. 
To appreciate Life of Fred, you need to read away, submerge yourself in the books, and see the magic unfold. We liked them from the beginning, but it has only gotten better as we have progressed into the series. We are about to start Honey, the 8th book of 10 Elementary books, and my I-hate-math-girl simply loves math, understands it, and practices it with joy.

Life of Fred Elementary Series Set

All the math textbooks in the Life of Fred Elementary Series, in one convenient set!

Followed by three Intermediate

Life of Fred Intermediate Series Set

The three books of the intermediate series, in one convenient set.
Stan treats young children as persons, he does not shy from introducing complex math concepts, and he does it in this universe he has created around Fred, his job, his life, Kittens university. There is certain repetition, but not in the practice for the student, in the writings. Concepts appear in context, they are repeated, children grasp them through the familiarity of the stories. Stan is a genius. A man with a talent to make others passionate about not just math, but history, art, even grammar! Yes, there are also some typos and maybe a couple of spelling mistakes, but he is also correcting that with the readers help. 
I had the pleasure of corresponding with Stan via email. I offered him to translate his series into Spanish. It could not be. But I can say that one of Stan’s preoccupations is that all children learn, and learn well. 
3. I learned that Stan does not pay for any marketing. His marketing is fueled by word of mouth, by satisfied users.
4. Check his site often. I just saw he has a new Elementary Physics, that according to him goes right after Decimals and Percents, and before Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology.

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