Artist-Composer, Karen McArthur

The Accessible Art Historian

I met Karen McArthur at the Ambleside Online Forum. Serendipity was having a glorious time at my home, because I got to visit The Accessible Art Historian when she had just started to write in it. A few weeks later and now I am one of those fortunate first readers, ha! Cybernetic treasure hunting is my thing.
Karen is an art professor, besides a mom and a housewife. But she is not the ordinary professor nor an ordinary professor. If  the word professor conjures in your mind a snobbish, intelectualoid individual, and the adjective art professor adds to that a view of someone conducting a course on Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame, Karen will make you blink twice.
She is writing a book with the same title, The Accessible Art Historian, and the first part is already for sale at Amazon.
She has promised us the rest of it by the end of the summer. And she better keeps the promise. To read this first chapter is to sample just some bites of excellent fleeting food. You will inevitably crave for more. I have declared myself her unofficially official critic and admirer. And in my newly office as critic, and after a solitary initiation with ice tea and a peppermint pretzel on my way to the keyboard, it came to me as necessary to find a definition of her style. Passionate and intelligent, with a dash of humor, I chose to call it. You will smile the whole time you read her book, and probably nod to your Kindle as you read.
But please, question me. See for yourself.

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