I have known Sarah for almost four years, from the time the Ambleside forums where divided by age or levels, and I have always read her blog Casteluzzo on and off. I specially enjoy her book reviews, and have followed several of her book recommendations. From her last post on books, the last title she mentioned, Never Let Me Go, caught my attention. I requested it from the library, picked it up on Saturday, and today Sunday I finished it, and I even got the movie for 99 cents, and watched it.

As Sarah says, revealing what the book is about won’t be fair. The author has paced the suspense of the book impeccably. By the time the next thing happens, though you do not know what will it be what it will be, you already know what direction is taking. I coincide with Sarah, the use of the first person adds many layers and meaning to the book. The book transported me to my adolescence, since that is one of the many topics of the book. I would describe reading it like looking from a kaleidoscope of some sort, where the images don’t change, but the same picture expands and gets depth with each chapter.

She proposed a book club of sorts. If you have read the book or want to read it and participate in the discussion we will devise, let any of us know.

Kazuo Ishiguro is the author of the book. My friend Heather told me he wrote The Remains of the Day, which I have not read, but I saw the movie with Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson, and I remember it as a great movie.

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