Book reviews

Little Pear


At a book sale, I found Little Pear, by Eleanor Frances Lattimore, which I saw recommended by the ladies at Ambleside Online for the preschool years. We read it aloud in the car in a blink, and in a blink it captivated my daughters. When I found out more about the author, I saw she had more Little Pear books; I ordered the one you see in the picture, Little Pear and His Friends, and a third one coming titled Little Pear and the Rabbits.
The black and white illustrations are unique. The text is elegant, simple yet, as authors in the twentieth century, it does not shy from eloquent words when needed. Little Pear has a Chinese influence that teaches us about some of their customs, while it permeates a universal view of childhood.


In this picture you see Little Pear eating a tang hulur, a candy typical from China

I found another title from the same author, Lively Victoria, and those who know my family will guess why I had to get it. The Little Pear books have been reprinted, by no means, if you cannot get one of the older copies, get the newer ones. Some time ago, my oldest discovered the Jenny books, and I got her all but one, this time it was the turn of my youngest daughter.


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